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Top Reasons for Using a Personalized Business Email

Top Reasons for Using a Personalized Business Email

After you choose a paid plan and get your own website address with Wix, the next thing you should do is get a special email address that matches your website (like

Wix makes it really easy to use Google Workspace. This means you can use lots of different Google tools, like email and calendars, with your own website address.

The top reasons for using a personalized or branded email address include:

  1. Looks More Professional: Think about how you want your business to look to others. An email like looks more professional than something like This can really improve how people see your business.

  1. Easy to Remember: If you're trying to attract and keep customers, it's important to have an email address that's easy for you and them to remember.

  1. Organize Better: Having different email addresses for different parts of your business, like or, helps you stay organized and manage emails more efficiently.

  1. Builds Trust: Nowadays, people are often concerned about online safety. A custom email address can make your customers feel safer when they're emailing you, adding to your business's trustworthiness.

  1. Great for Marketing: A custom email address helps people remember your brand and makes your business seem more credible. You can use tools like Wix Email Marketing to send nice newsletters to your customers and strengthen your relationship with them.


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