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Looking for a new opportunity in the marketing industry? Let your skills shine with forward-thinking companies throughout the United States. Apply now!


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Open Positions

View our list of open positions within the Slaterock team.

Remote Salesperson

We are looking for an experienced salesperson to help us grow our business through a unique partnership that will allow you to capitalize on the network of business owners and startup founders you already have. Our salesperson will work remotely to schedule meetings with potential customers that will benefit from SEO and SEM services.

Content Creator

Our open content creator position is a role that involves creating and producing various forms of content, such as written articles, videos, graphics, or social media posts, for the purpose of engaging and informing an audience. This type of position typically requires strong writing, communication, and multimedia skills, as well as the ability to conceive and execute creative content ideas.

Expert Wix Website Designer

Ready to demonstrate your skills for the world to see? Are you a Wix website designer with lots of experience using all the tools Wix has to offer? We work with all kinds of businesses at all different scales with unique needs. Our clients need fully functioning, adaptable websites built directly on the Wix platform. Apply today to get started with our team.

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