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We build functional works of art that power your business using Ai for functional web design, SEO, and business automation. Get Started Today!


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Functional Web design

We create functional works of art that work for your business and not the other way around. We know that the web design process is difficult and frustrating, our AI-powered, software assists us in creating a beautiful website that's perfect for conversion.


Want to keep your site ranking? Our SEO package will help you get started. It includes basic SEO measures like meta tags and descriptions, and visitor tracking to help you understand what your visitors want. This is a great way to give your site a boost and start learning how to rank it for the keywords that matter.

Automated Outreach

Get your customers to convert without having to spend hours on outreach. Automated Outreach is the smartest email/text campaign automation software in the market. Get rid of all human interactions with your customer and cement relationships with our AI-based software. 

Our Clients

Why companies use Slaterock Automation

"While no one enjoys writing a recommendation, all at The Rejuvi Venture, Inc. are more than happy to do so because of how fantastic William is.

A couple of our favorites:
- William listens first and responds second.  He works very hard to understand objectives, motivators and requirements.  Then, he acts.  Definitely a ready, aim + fire sort of contributor.
- William is, quite honestly, excellent at leveraging multiple software applications and tools.  He builds and navigates efficiently and effectively.  He continuously scouts for new methods to provide support.
- William has strong people skills.  He builds relationships quickly and, very naturally, became a part of our team.

Let us know if we can provide additional information.  We are real fans of William."



Founder of Rejuvi Venture

Trusted By these amazing partners & more

Rejuvi Venture trusted by Slaterock Automation
Corpus Christi Police Foundation trusted by Slaterock Automation
Revonary tax Accountants trusted by Slaterock Automation
UX Wealth partners trusted by Slaterock Automation
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Our Projects


Corpus Christi Police Foundation

The Corpus Christie Police Foundation has chosen Slaterock as their website designer and digital marketing manager providing support with events, sponsorships, and donors. 

cissy garcia with slaterock automation

Cissy L. Garcia Executive Director Corpus Christi Police Foundation

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