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Digital Marketing Calculator

Want to determine a digital marketing budget? Our marketing calculator will provide a breakdown of the best options for your business when it comes to any digital marketing campaign. Get your digital marketing services cost here to determine the right budget for your needs.

Digital Marketing Cost

Digital Marketing Cost Calculator

Our cost calculator is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses get a better understanding of how their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaigns should cost

Types Of Calculators

When it comes to marketing calculators, there are many different options to take look at. You might be interested in evaluating your project or computing the ROI of a campaign. Either way, using a calculator can help you determine the right goals or set the right budget in place for your next digital marketing campaign.

ROI Calculator

A return on investment or ROI calculator can help your find out if your investment was truly worth your time and money. Different ROI calculators can calculate different things, such as the value of time or the opportunity cost of the capital involved. 

Affiliate Marketing Calculator

Affiliate marketing is a great way to help drive more revenue to your business. Using influencers to build an affiliate network has proven to be a great success in today's society. That being said, using an affiliate calculator can help you determine if your affiliate marketing campaign is actually paying off. These campaigns can often be costly depending on the structure of the deal!

Marketing Budget Calculator

A marketing budget calculator helps determine the right price for a marketing budget. Many times when looking to hire a marketing agency, there will be many prices thrown at you that often range drastically. By checking some verified or specialized marketing calculators, you can find the right price range for your next project. 

Check out Our Marketing Calculator to determine the right price for your next marketing campaign

Why Calculate a digital marketing budget?

Digital Marketing Cost Calculations

When first starting to define an online marketing

budget, you will most likely receive quotes from lots of 



Those quotes will range in pricing pretty drastically most of the time. This is because different agencies use different tactics to help websites rank in search results and get more overall traffic. 

In fact, Google actively uses over 200 Ranking Factors that determine where a website or web page will land in search results for a given topic. 

Some agencies base it on their tactics and the cost associated with implementing those tactics; others may provide a quote simply on your business's revenue and the standard 3 to 5 percent that seems to be average in the industry. 

What's Included in the Digital Marketing Services Calculator?

Web design Calculator

Web Design

There are many factors that affect the final price of a web design project, from the number of pages to your business goals. Our calculator lets you input all these variables, and more, so you can get an idea of how much a website with Slaterock would cost.

SEO Calculator


Our SEO Calculator is the first of its kind and provides a new way to evaluate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing projects. It's an industry-first tool that helps SMBs better understand their search engine optimization needs.

PPC Calculator


Want to know how much you should spend on your next pay-per-click campaign? Our PPC calculator makes it easy for you. Enter your details and see exactly how much to bid on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and we'll create the best campaign for you!

About Our Marketing Cost Calculator

Our calculator is designed to help business owners and executives get a better idea of what they should be spending on their marketing budget. Too often businesses are left waiting for an agency to provide them with a quote, so we turned the table! 

If you're looking to price your next marketing project, try using this calculator to determine what a fair price for digital marketing services really is; don't wait for an agency to provide you with a quote!

A good digital marketing agency will provide you with a detailed analysis of your current online presence and help you understand how to improve it. This includes analyzing your website, social media profiles, email campaigns, etc.

man observing his digital marketing calculator results

What's Being Factored In?

The calculator factors in multiple circumstances for different businesses. Some include the size of the business, the size of the website, the competition in the space, how long the business has been around and the list goes on and on.

One of the main things we tried to include in the calculator is the small business administrations (SBAs) recommendation on what your business should spend in a marketing budget. Not only that but we also factored in the fact that the SBA recommends only utilizing half of that marketing budget for digital marketing practices. This is reflected on the calculator and can be seen at the end. 

Who Is This Calculator For?

The cost calculator is designed for businesses of all sizes. Although some of the recommendations may be out of reach for many small businesses or solopreneurs, this is what is recommended and if you cannot dedicate at least the minimum budget, it may be best to focus on building your business rather than online growth. 

Ideally, this calculator works best for medium-sized enterprises that are not currently working on their online presence, or at least have not dedicated the time and effort needed to see results. One of the best ways to stay on top when it comes to digital marketing is by being consistent. Without being consistent, your competition will eventually take over. 

Why Digital Marketing Management?

Digital marketing management is the full package of digital marketing services. A lot of times businesses will get sold on one aspect of digital marketing and without connecting it to others, odds are you won't see great results. One example of this is running ads. If your ads company did not work on your website to set up the proper tags and conversions, you're wasting your money. 

Digital marketing management is designed to compile all of these tactics into an all-in-one package allowing one team to overlook each aspect of your campaign. 

How To Calculate Marketing Expenses

There are many different expenses that come into play when determining a marketing budget. That's why using our marketing calculator can be so helpful because we include the expenses you wouldn't even think about!

Paid Media Expenses

One fo the biggest expenses for any marketing budget is paid media expenses. We often use paid media when submitting new press releases for clients to have them featured in the top news publications. This is good for brand reputation but also for developing new business because you now have a credible source showing your business.

Ad Expenses

One of the problems with running a marketing campaign is business owners often forget that there is actually a lot of management behind the scenes when running an ad campaign. 

Outsourced Expenses

When working with a small team or even an in-house team, there are often lots of outsourced expenses that can certainly add up overtime. This is common when working with graphic designers for creatives that will be applied to a website, or ad campaign.

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