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Slaterock Automation, LLC

Slaterock Automation is a technology-focused digital marketing agency, that uses cutting-edge software to empower the online efforts of small business owners and organizations throughout the world. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence, Slaterock provides small businesses with the tools needed to optimize their online efforts and compete with corporations vying for consumers in the digital space.

About Slaterock Automation

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Slaterock Automation was founded on the idea of bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to small and medium-sized businesses, a technology that has been reserved only for corporations. 

By implementing these business automation tactics for small and medium-sized businesses, Slaterock Automation can drive large amounts of traffic to websites organically through highly targeted email, text, and social media campaigns. 


Everything we do here at Slaterock, web design, SEO, and business automation, involves a form of Ai or Machine Learning technique; whether it's researching, tracking, or optimizing, our Ai tools help us get a better understanding of the situation in a shorter period of time. 

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