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Social Media Automation

We drive quality traffic to your business through social media. Get in front of the customers you would like to be working with by allowing software to interact with potential clients daily.

Benefits of Using Ai for Social Media Marketing

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slaterock automation Automation for Social media


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Trusted by 100+ Accounts actively growing their brand awareness and increasing engagement using social automation with Slaterock

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Get Started

& Grow

While getting in front of the potential customers that will buy from your business. 

Created For Growth 

Customized for your business

Grow Your Following

Social automation will grow your following as targeted users begin to see your account in their feed due to the engagement we target towards them.

Build Brand Awareness

As your brand ambassador engages with accounts across the platform, your brand will be shown to thousands of people interested in your niche.

Increase Website Traffic

By creating trackable links for your profile, slaterock can monitor the extra traffic coming to your website thanks to the automation campaign.

Brand Ambassador Features

Multiple Accounts

Want to maximize your growth? Utilize multiple accounts for specific target markets maximizing your growth potential and customization capibuilities.

Highly Targetable

Social automation is highly targetable allowing you to get in front of the people that are actually interested in your products and services.

Fully Managed Options

Having a brand ambassador allows lots of customization. This ambassador can be structured as an employee constantly promoting your business's main content

Social automation is the practice of automating engagement with potential customers on social media platforms. 

How does it work?

Slaterock will setup your preferred social media accounts, and come up with a strategy to find and engage your target audience through that specific platform. We will determine the language used to directly communicate with those found users inviting them to view your website, youtube channel, sales page (using function web design) and more!

Why use Social Automation?

The goal of social automation is to build a community that you can directly sell to. Slaterock programs our software to target those who would most likely be interested in your business and its products and services. We target these users based on their demographics, geographic, and psychographics allowing us to niche down and communicate directly with the people you would like. 

LinkedIn social automation growth with slaterock

Our LinkedIn Growth

When it comes to social automation, there are lots of different strategies to implement and program into the campaign. Because of this, Slaterock has chosen to take a slow-growth path allowing the bot to interact with potential customers. 

  • The goal of this campaign was and still is to highly target those that can be potential customers of Slaterock Automation. NOT to gain followers

  • We use highly specific keywords such as small business owner, founder, co-owner, and more.

  • This campaign is designed to create demand, meaning we want to get in front of our potential customers and develop a relationship by showing them relevant and important content. 

  • The goal is to overtime generate a relationship where the targeted individual becomes familiar with Slaterock and the quality of work we output. The next time this person needs one of our services, we will be at the top of their mind. Why?  Because we have created demand by providing valuable content and niche insights.

Tracking you Social

Once the automations are set up, the next step is to monitor and optimize. Using different keywords, hashtags and geographic locations can all alter the effects of your campaign. By actively watching and monitoring the software, Slaterock will be able to determine the best course of action to use for each campaign in each location.

Automate Your Engagement


  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Your Social Media Accounts & Campaigns

Watch your audience grow

The longer the automation campaign continues the more your audience will grow as the software finds new, interested, and targeted leads each day. This drives traffic through your connected pages including websites, landing pages, and other social media platforms. 

As we know, the amount of traffic on your website directly correlates to the number of sales processed. That being said, more traffic we flow through your website the greater the chance to increase sales.

Slaterock automation growth metrics for social automation

Put your business in front of the world

Not only do we build brand recognition but we target those that are interested in your products and services, organically. There are no paid ads or sponsored posts.

Get Started Today

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

 Ready to get started with social media automation? Purchase our Social automation package and our team will contact you directly for more details about your niche and target market


- Get a dedicated Account Manager

- Choose your social platform

- Drive traffic to your preferred channel


*This package includes a new social media profile for your business. One time Startup fee of $295 will be charged for account setup and consultation.

Social Automato Setup
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