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Functional Web Design and Automation

Slaterock Automation's Functional Web Design team builds functional works of art that power your business using automation. Our websites are built in the industry-leading Wix EditorX platform. Offering the latest design features and functionality for your website. Our team of designers focuses on building stunning websites that work for your business.


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Types of Functional Design

Slaterock Automation offers numerous kinds of website services. E-commerce, Informational, and Portfolio websites are just some of the many kinds of websites we work on here at Slaterock.

E-Commerce Website

While building websites is nothing new, e-commerce websites are created unlike any other. With a heavy focus on integrations and sales; e-commerce websites require high attention to detail while giving a user a simple yet effective experience.

Informational Website

Informational websites are the most common form of websites today. "An educated customer is the best customer" and that is the goal. By informing your customer about your product or service they are more likely to buy from you. Our job when creating these websites is to inform your visitors as quickly as possible with options to explore further

This is where you show off your skills or work. Portfolio websites allow for the highest amount of customizability because the goal is to show the work in an entertaining way that provides an experience for that visitor. This is where EditorX shines!

Portfolio Website

Digital Design

When it comes to highly customizable websites, custom web designs help make your business stand out among others. Digital creations allow you to tell a story without actually making your customer read. Our creations focus on drawing the attention of your visitor while informing them of something such as your products, services, or offers.

What is Functional Design?

Functional web design is the basic structure we follow when designing all of our websites at Slaterock. The idea of Functional Design stems from modern design trends. 

How do we implement Functional Design it into our work?

Each one of our design changes is carefully selected and created to boost the overall functionality of your website while still providing an eye-catching design that captures the attention of your website visitors. 

The idea of functional design is to give the user an experience they would expect from a website. The movement to modern websites with unconventional user experiences has reduced conversion rates. 

Our job is to give your visitors an experience they would expect while still showing unparallel design. At Slaterock, we do this by utilizing advanced editors such as Wix's EditorX to create a website that looks and functions flawlessly on all devices, in all viewports.

Your website is more than just an expense.

Slaterock's functional web design practices are used to drive your website visitors to the places they are looking to go. We provide your users with the most direct route to what they are searching for. 

Slaterock determines this by implementing tracking code to your website that allows us to monitor what users are doing and where they are going. We can also develop heatmaps that will show where users are clicking the most on your website. This research phase is used to determine the most functional design for your specific website.

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