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Digital Marketing Tools

Slaterock Automation has built numerous calculators to help you get a better understanding of the costs of digital marketing practices, along with tools to help you get a better idea of your website and its capabilities in organic search thanks to our domain and backlink analysis tools.

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Digital Marketing Cost Calculator

Our Digital Marketing Cost Calculator is here to help you budget your next Digital Marketing campaign for your business. This includes SEO, PPC ads, and social media management

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Website Design Cost Calculator

Having trouble determining the right cost for your next website design project? Our website design calculator is here to help you price out the best website for your website, within your budget.

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SEO Cost


Want to get started with a custom SEO plan? Check out our SEO cost calculator to determine the right plan or budget for your business's next SEO campaign. 


Domain Analysis


Want to get information on your domain and how it's performing within search results? Our domain analysis tool, a work in progress, is here to help you get the information you need to rank higher.


Backlink Analysis 
Coming Soon

Our team is actively working on developing a backlink analysis tool that will help you determine the backlink profile of your website by using a 3rd party API to scrape your website's information across the web.


Don't See What You're Looking For?

More Tools are actively being built by Slaterock Automation and our very own development team Due to the high demand, we are currently working on a backlink analysis tool helping to provide your website's domain authority score to you directly!

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