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Free Website SEO Audit & Consultation

Maximize your website's performance and user experience with our in-depth website SEO audit, designed to uncover hidden opportunities for SEO optimization and conversion growth.

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See the issues holding back your site.

With our on-page SEO audit feature

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See what pages need more content to be seen as valuable for search results

Get recommendations on content ideas

  • Missing metadata

  • Duplicate content

  • Internal / external links

Determine what's holding back your website in search results

See Your Site Health Score

Your sites health score compiles a list of multiple issues and errors and generate an overall score of your website.

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Page level issues seen on our free website audit by slaterock automation.png

See Page Level Issues

Determine your page structure, including your Htag format to ensure all tags are properly labeled and using your keywords.

Why Use A Website SEO Audit Tool?

planning a website re-design budget

Utilizing a page audit tool for your website is a great

way to see the issues that are causing your site to rank

poorly in search engine results pages (SERPs)

One of the best ways to figure out what problems your website currently has is by using a page audit tool like ours to see what can be fixed to help increase your websites rankings

Audit tools provide clarity on the things affecting your website, and by optimizing your site, you may even see an increase in traffic thanks to the cleared errors.

How Does The SEO Audit Work?

Input your information for the free page audit tool

Input Your Info

First, you have to input your information so we know what to run an audit on, and where to send the audit once it's generated for you!

receive the email from our page audit tool and check for errors

Get the Email

Once your audit is complete, you will receive the report via your email that was submitted in the form. This email is only used to contact to you about your audit.

fix the onpage errors to rank better higher and more often in search results using our audit tool

Fix the Errors

After reviewing the errors on your site, the next step to take is to optimize your page as soon as possible. The longer your wait, the less search engines will index your pages (even new ones)

Check your sitemap structure

See what pages are being indexed, and which ones arent

Sitemap Structure and indexation chart.png

Ensure your pages are being indexed properly. If pages arent being indexed, they won't be found in search results.

Webpage indexation checks.png

View your internal link report

Internal linking is the best way to show search engines a path to your content, and whats is most important to your organization. Using the internal link report, you can see where you're currently linking to from some of the top pages on your website. 

Internal Link Structure.jpg
Website SEO Audit Example 2
Website Audit Example

Get your free audit now

and see what's holding back your website in search results

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