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White Lable SEO and Digital Marketing Partnership

Earn passive income while we manage your client's SEO & Digital marketing needs. 

Our team is ready to work with you to ensure a smooth and successful project for you and your client. Our 5-step SEO management program is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises to thrive in search results. We take SEO to the next level using our unique distribution methods allowing us to reach your potential customer where they are at all times. Not to mention, it comes along with our Digital Marketing Services.

You Earn $

Earn money with our partnership plan

Your Client Grows

- - - While - - -

watch your client grow while being a slaterock partner

Building an SEO process is difficult and costly. With our partnership, there's

No Need to Invest In...

- SEO Training


- Keyword Tools

- Rank Tracking Tools

- Content Writing Tools

- Client Portal

  We're certified by Wix, Hubspot, Linkedin & More

  Semrush - ($229 per month)


  Serpwatch - ($59 per month)

  Surferseo - ($99 per month)

  We'll Provide A Custom Portal - ($139 per month)

Partner Payment Structure

We make it easy for everyone involved.

No startup or hidden fees, and no long-term contracts. 

Find the right plan for your client's needs and budget

- You get 35% of the month 1, in month 2

- You collect 13% of each additional month after starting month 2

*We make all payments in month two because, in month one, we take all the risk of onboarding the client and using our resources to create an SEO plan that will work for them. Once the client demonstrates they will continue (after paying month 2), then our initial 35% payout and month two's 13% payout will be paid to you. 

Slaterock Partner Program Pricing Sheet

How it Works

1.  Sign up your client on a package

2.  Provide us website access

3.  Collect your passive income via bank transfer

Become A Partner Today

Are you a Wix Partner?
Do you provide other professional business services?

Thank you for showing an interest in our partnership. Due to the high demand for our services, we must take the time to review your account and ensure this partnership can succeed.

Our team may contact you with further questions before approval!

Become a partner

Interested but want to know more?

No problem, many times partnerships can be confusing or even costly to you, the partner. At Slaterock, we don't have any hidden fees, or anything to hide in general! Book a meeting with us to learn more about our partnership and we'll explain it all.

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