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Our Services

Slaterock offers numerous kinds of services designed to take your business digital. We strive to build the highest quality websites, pipelines, and digital assets possible for our clients, all while making sure to stay within budget.  

Digital Marketing Managemen services, blog management, social media management, website design and more

Digital Marketing & Website Management

Do you need someone to either kickstart or revamp your digital marketing efforts? Slaterock's Website management and consulting packages are designed to act as your business's digital marketing manager. With numerous packages and custom packages available, there is something for everyone at every stage of the process.

Starting at $550.00 a month

Monthly Optimization

Overall creation & management of all campaigns, website and social activity

Functional Web Design by Slaterock Automation

Functional Web design

We create functional works of art that work for your business and not the other way around. We know that the web design process is difficult and frustrating, our AI-powered, software assists us in creating a beautiful website that's perfect for conversion.

SEO and tracking by slaterock automation

SEO & Tracking

Want to keep your site ranking? Our SEO package will help you get started. It includes basic SEO measures like meta tags and descriptions, and visitor tracking to help you understand what your visitors want. This is a great way to give your site a boost and start learning how to rank it for the keywords that matter.

Automated Outreach through social media and email marketing campaigns

Automated Outreach

Get your customers to convert without having to spend hours on outreach. Automated Outreach is the smartest email/text campaign automation software in the market. Get rid of all human interactions with your customer and cement relationships with our AI-based software. What you do is up to you, but we're here to make it easier.

Email Marketing

Slaterock's Email marketing utilizes the tactics and best practices learned over the years and hundreds of thousands of emails sent. By creating exceptional email copy and attention-grabbing headlines, Slaterock has found email marketing to be one of the best tools to help grow your business, inform your current and potential users while showing off your products and services.

Slaterock's Email Marketing & Automation

Looking to reach thousands of people across the world or hundreds of people around the corner? Slaterock has the ability to send hundreds of thousands of emails each month with highly targeted messages custom to each user yielding higher open and conversion rates! 

Custom Emails: $250.00 Simple Emails $125.00

1-2 weeks

Professional Copywriter, Automation, Segmentation based followups, Reports & More 

AI Optimized Ad Campaigns

Using powerful software with machine learning, Slaterock designs builds, and optimizes ad campaigns on multiple platforms utilizing engagement rates to determine the perfect, most effective ad for your business.

25% of Ad Budget or $95 min

3-week setup

Keyword research phase, past performance research, industry analysis, Ai reccomendations

Slaterock's Digital Design & Creations

Slaterock and our Strategic partners have come together to offer some amazing graphic design work that will truly make your business stand out.

Logos, Flyers, Business Cards, Ebook covers & packages, product markups, business flyers, and more!

Custom Designs Starting at $200.00

7-10 days

Custom designs created with and for your branding in mind

Digital Design

Designing for digital means creating content that will generate interested and sales. To create high-quality, conversion-optimized content – we need to be able to design across all channels and use consistent design principles. This is why we’ve created our Digital Design service: to help you succeed in the digital age.

Social Media Automation & Management

Social media automation is the use of automation software to find, target, and engage potential customers to your business. Using unique techniques to build target audiences, our software is custom-tailored to your business's needs. Our Social Media Management consists of the design creation and implementation of content on the social media account you choose.

Monthly Package $135.00 

2-week setup

3-month minimum, One social account, Monthly optimization, Parabolic growth

Keyword Research

With so much information at our fingertips, sometimes it's hard to determine the best keywords and phrases that we should use. Choosing the right words can make or break getting your website ranked in search results. Our team uses advanced AI software to scan the internet and determine the keywords it thinks your business can rank for!

Starting at $300.00

7-10 days

Determine the words to target

Content Writing

One of the best ways to stand out in today's world is through great, unique, eye-cathing copy that draws the attention of the reader. By combining both human and AI Slaterock can quickly create unique, SEO-based copy that will help boost your website's domain authority.

Starting at $300.00

7-10 days

Product Descriptions, Sales copy, website content Blogs & more

Blog Management

Slaterock has the ultimate package for managing your blog by utilizing keyword research and content writing. Whether you need a writer or just SEO focused outlines, Slaterock has the resources to provide to you! By ensuring your pages and posts are set up properly, your blog will begin ranking faster than the competitors with the correct tagging. 

Starting at $200.00


Design, SEO, Posting followup and automated emails

Rank Tracking

Ever wonder where your website pages sit in search results? Track every move and receive notifications about each jump and or fall. Determine which pages are drawing the most traffic to your website and why; you may be ranking for keywords you don't even know about!

Heatmaps & Replays

See exactly what your website visitors are doing and where they click the most. This data is used to determine what visitors are most interested in the products and or services you have to offer. Not getting any clicks, let's move a better selling product to that page!

Custom Dashboards

Track all the metrics you ever dreamed of by combining your Social media, website, ad spend, and more into one Datasheet. Then customize and layer the charts for you to see what is affecting your business and when.

Stock Images & Video

Utilize our databases of stock images and video to help elaborate the story of your project.

Stock Music & Sounds

Get the right, high quality beats and mixes for your project.

Premium eBooks

Want to learn more about the things Slaterock is implementing for you and your business? We'll send you a copy!

Want to Learn More?

These services just scratch the surface of what our team is capable of. Thanks to our rapid growth we are in the process of developing more information to add so you can gather a better understanding of what exactly we do. For now, to get ahead of the game...

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