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Switching to the Wix Studio Platform

Wix Studio is perfect for agencies and large companies, making it easy to take your projects to the next level. It offers smart design features and flexible tools for developers so that you can create amazing work for clients in any field.

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With our easy-to-use workspace, you can handle many projects simultaneously, bring your ideas to life with our advanced Studio Editor, and find all the tools you need. Wix Studio makes the whole process smooth, from start to finish, helping you create outstanding sites and meet your clients' needs.

Discover more about Wix Studio, and check out the Wix Studio Academy for courses, tutorials, and webinars to help you get started.

Switching to Wix Studio

When you move to Wix Studio, you'll get access to their new workspace. This is where you can monitor all your sites and projects together. Plus, our advanced Studio Editor will help you create your sites.

You can start using Wix Studio in three ways. You can sign up straight from your account, from the Studio's main page, or join a team already using it.

Note: Your current sites won't automatically move to the Studio Editor once you switch.

Joining via your account

If you're already a Wix user, you'll find several ways to switch to Wix Studio. You can do this from the page where you see all your sites, from the dashboard for any of your sites, your account profile, and even when browsing Wix's template page.

Wix Studio Template Page
The Wix Studio Template Page

Joining via Wix Studio

To join Wix Studio, simply start from the Wix Studio homepage.

To join via Wix Studio:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on "Start creating."

  3. Sign in using your Wix account details.

  4. Select "Try Wix Studio" to move to the new platform.

Start creating with Wix Studio
Start creating with Wix Studio

Joining via a team invitation

You can also join Wix Studio if a team invites you. When you get an email invitation to join a Wix Studio team, click the link to accept it. After you log in, you'll be taken directly to your team's workspace in Wix Studio.

Joining Wix Studio via a team invitation
Joining Wix Studio via a team invitation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use Wix Studio?

A: Wix Studio is great for anyone managing many websites or working with different teams and agencies. Agencies or big companies already using Wix or Editor X can switch their accounts to Wix Studio.

Q: Do I need to pay for Wix Studio?

Q: If I switch to Wix Studio, what will happen to everything in my existing Wix account?

Q: What will happen to my sites when I switch to Studio?

Q: Can I create sites using the Studio Editor without switching to Wix Studio?

Q: Can I manage a site built in the Studio Editor without switching to Wix Studio?

Q: Can I be part of a Wix Studio workspace without switching to Wix Studio?

Q: Can I switch to Wix Studio from the Wix Owner app?

Q: Can I switch back if I decide I don't want to use Wix Studio?

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Dominick also is a Certified Google Ads Professional. He also attended various Wix Studio training in person in New York. His personal website can be found at:


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