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Introducing Wix Studio: All-in-One Platform for Agencies

Updated: Apr 12

Wix Studio is a flexible, end-to-end solution designed to streamline your workflow and help you deliver outstanding results for clients across all industries. With its smart design capabilities and versatile development tools, Wix Studio empowers you to create exceptional websites that exceed your clients' expectations.

Centralized Workspace for Efficient Management

Wix Studio provides a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify your workflow, including a centralized workspace that allows you to efficiently manage all your sites, reusable assets, team members, subscriptions, domains, and more. This unified platform ensures that you have everything you need in one place, saving you time and effort.

Advanced Studio Editor with Next-Gen Design Functionalities

The Studio Editor, a key component of Wix Studio, offers advanced design functionalities that take your web design to the next level. With responsive AI and open platform capabilities, you can create stunning, adaptive websites that seamlessly adjust to any device or screen size. These cutting-edge features enable you to deliver exceptional sites that not only meet but surpass your clients' vision.

Unlock Your Agency's Potential with Wix Studio

Whether you're working on projects for small businesses or large enterprises, Wix Studio provides the tools and flexibility you need to succeed. By leveraging the platform's smart design capabilities, flexible development tools, and centralized workspace, you can streamline your processes, enhance your creativity, and deliver outstanding results that will delight your clients and grow your agency.

Streamline Your Workflow with Wix Studio's Multiple Workspaces

Wix Studio introduces a revolutionary new workspace designed to streamline your workflow and help you efficiently manage hundreds of sites, different teams, multiple premium subscriptions, and more.

The Wix Studio Dashboard
The Wix Studio Dashboard

Seamlessly Switch Between Workspaces

With Wix Studio, you can belong to multiple workspaces using the same account email address and effortlessly switch between them. This feature is particularly useful if you have your own business but also work for another agency. You can have one workspace dedicated to managing your business sites and simultaneously belong to the agency's workspace, ensuring a smooth and organized workflow.

Seamlessly Switch Between Workspaces in Wix Studio
Seamlessly Switch Between Workspaces in Wix Studio

Easily Manage and Access Your Sites

The Sites page within each workspace allows you to access and manage all of your sites in one convenient location. Wix Studio offers advanced filters such as Editor type, Premium plans, and publish status, making it easy to find specific sites quickly. Additionally, you can view and manage all of your workspace subscriptions in a single place, with any subscriptions requiring urgent attention prominently highlighted for your convenience.

Stay Informed and Grow Your Business

Your Wix Studio workspace is not just a management tool; it's also a valuable resource for growing your business. The Discover page keeps you ahead of the curve by providing access to new releases, product updates, exciting product betas, and an insightful roadmap showcasing all upcoming Wix features. By staying informed, you can leverage the latest tools and functionalities to enhance your offerings and deliver exceptional results to your clients.

Wix Studio's multiple workspaces feature is a game-changer for agencies and businesses managing multiple sites and teams. With its intuitive design, advanced management tools, and informative resources, Wix Studio empowers you to streamline your workflow, collaborate effectively, and grow your business like never before.

Wix Studio: The Ultimate Platform for Streamlined Team Collaboration and Client Management

Efficient Team Management in a Centralized Workspace

Wix Studio provides a collaborative environment that supports your entire workflow, allowing you to invite teammates and seamlessly work together on projects. As a team owner, you have the power to customize roles and permissions for each teammate within the workspace and specific sites, ensuring a tailored experience based on their expertise and focused tasks.

Efficient Team Management in a Centralized Workspace - Wix Studio

Seamless Collaboration with Teammates and External Stakeholders

Wix Studio enables you to collaborate with teammates, freelancers, and clients by choosing appropriate roles and permissions for each collaborator. The Studio Editor supports real-time concurrent editing, allowing multiple team members to work on a site simultaneously and see each other's changes instantly.

Seamless Collaboration with Teammates and External Stakeholders - Wix Studio

Contextual commenting on the canvas streamlines communication, as team members can leave comments, tag others, and attach feedback to specific elements without leaving the editor. Clients can also provide feedback directly on their site, making it easy to track and resolve issues.

Design libraries containing typography themes, color palettes, and design assets ensure consistency across projects while saving time for your team.

Unleash Your Creativity with the Intuitive Studio Editor

Unleash Your Creativity with the Intuitive Studio Editor - Wix Studio

The new Wix Studio Editor revolutionizes site creation, making it easier and more efficient than ever. With a user-friendly visual canvas, smooth drag-and-drop functionality, and out-of-the-box tools for complex design logic, you can build captivating websites with confidence. The Studio Editor offers a range of new features, including:

AI-Powered Design and Development

Engaging Interactions and Effects

Intuitive Layout Tools

Precise CSS Control

  • Custom CSS code for unique styles

  • Enhanced control over animations and responsive behaviors

Seamless Scaling and Pixel-Perfect Editing

  • Proportional scaling for consistent element appearance

  • Multiple responsive behaviors for automatic resizing

  • Precise pixel editing for granular control

Open Platform Capabilities

  • APIs for custom functionality and interactions

  • Serverless coding in frontend and backend

  • CSS styling, NPM packages, and custom app creation

  • Headless development for independent sites and apps

  • Wix CMS and External database integration and service provider extensions

  • Wix AI Code Assistant for efficient coding

  • Developer tools for monitoring, testing, and debugging

Designer-Made Templates and Wireframes

  • Responsive website templates across industries and styles

  • Ready-made wireframes for customization

Reusable Assets for Efficient Workflow

Wix Studio's reusable assets enable you to create, reuse, and share sections, custom templates, and widgets across projects, enhancing efficiency and versatility.

Design Libraries

Create custom assets like designed sections, typography themes, and color palettes, storing them in design libraries for reuse across pages and sites. Your team can access these libraries, ensuring consistency and saving time.

Wix Studio Design Libraries
Wix Studio Design Libraries

Custom Templates

Transform sites into reusable templates, allowing your agency to leverage them across multiple projects, ensuring design and functionality consistency while saving time.

Wix Studio Custom Template

Reusable Apps and Widgets

Use Wix Blocks to create custom apps and widgets that can be reused on other sites and shared with teammates and partners. You can even sell your creations in the Wix App Market for additional revenue.

Reusable Apps and Widgets in Wix Studio

Enhanced Client Relationship Management

Wix Studio offers tools to manage client relationships through improved onboarding and monthly reporting.

Client Kits

Create a welcoming and seamless handover experience with Client Kits, providing clear instructions on navigating the workspace and site. Include Wix Studio resources or upload custom videos and documents tailored to your clients' needs.

Wix Studio Client Kits
Wix Studio Client Kits

Client Reports

Send automated monthly emails to clients, showcasing their site's performance with analytics-based data for eCommerce, Bookings, and Blog sections. Customize the template's theme, font, subject line, and opening message to provide valuable insights and upsell opportunities.

Wix Studio Analytics

Convenient Customer Care Log Access

Track previous interactions and issues raised by your team using the dedicated Customer Care history log in your workspace. Get a comprehensive overview of statuses and resolutions, and easily find answers and solutions from past discussions.

Wix Studio Customer Care Tickets
Wix Studio Customer Care Tickets

Mobile Project Management with the Wix Studio App

Stay in control on the go with the new Wix Studio mobile app. Manage your agency's site, projects, clients, and Wix Marketplace leads, message contacts, and handle payments. Easily manage clients' sites, reach out to Customer Care, and track ticket status updates.

The app allows you to view and switch between workspaces, ensuring you stay on top of every project with all the capabilities of the Wix Owner app and more.

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Dominick also is a Certified Google Ads Professional. He also attended various Wix Studio training in person in New York. His personal website can be found at:


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