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How to deal with disputes with a Wix Professional?

Sometimes, you might run into trouble when working with a Wix Expert. It's really important that you and the expert agree on what needs to be done and talk clearly about it.

Wix Professional

Wix gives you a website to find and choose Wix Experts. This means you and the expert you pick are the ones who decide how much to pay and what your deal includes. If anything goes wrong in your deal or chats with the expert, the Wix website where you found them isn't responsible. You can read the full Wix Marketplace Terms of Use.

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I'm having issues with my Wix Professional. What should I do?

If you're having problems with your Wix Expert, the best first step is to talk to them directly. Work together to understand where things might have gone wrong. Maybe there was a mix-up in communication, or the work they did wasn't quite what you were expecting. Explain your concerns clearly to them.

To find your Wix Expert, look at all the project requests you've sent through the Wix Marketplace. You can find their contact details there and get in touch with them. For more information and guidance, check out the resources on the Wix website.

What can I do if my Wix Professional doesn't respond to me?

If you're having a disagreement with your Wix Expert, it's important to try to sort it out between yourselves. But don't worry; we're here to support you if you need it.

If the Wix Expert isn't getting back to you, let us know so we can help. When you contact us, please provide:

  • The full name of the Expert.

  • Their email address.

  • Are there any other details about your experience with them that you think we should know?

We'll look into the Expert's conduct in the Wix Marketplace to understand what's happening and assist further.

How can I get a refund from a Wix Professional?

If you feel you need a refund for any payments you've made to a Wix Expert, it's important to talk to them directly about it. When you pay a Wix Expert, the money goes straight into their bank account. Remember, the Wix Marketplace itself doesn't take responsibility for any payments or transactions between you and the Wix Expert you're working with.

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