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Important Features That Every Business Website Should Have

Updated: Apr 21

Important Features that Every business website should have

If you want a successful business, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. For example, you should have a great website. Fortunately, every business needs a great website these days, regardless of its industry. This blog post will highlight the important features all business websites should have.

Essential Features That Every Business Website Should Have

1 - A Clear and Simple Web Address

One of the most common mistakes when bringing or starting a business online is choosing a domain name. Although the actual name, or words within a domain, have less effect than ever before, there are still some things to watch out for.

Use Common Words

When firing up a domain, business owners will choose something that has little to nothing to do with their business or may be confusing or hard to read.

Try using dashes "-" in between words if it helps make your domain easier for the eye.

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2 - A Clear Purpose

A great business website has a clear purpose. The purpose can be anything from selling a product to educating people about a particular subject. However, whatever it happens to be, it should be clear and well-defined.

Make your purpose stand out

If a user can't figure out your business's purpose within the first few seconds of being on your website, you'll lose their interest.

When a new user lands on your website, they should immediately know what your brand is about and what your business does for its customers.

3 - Strong Branding

Important Features That Every Business Website Should Have - Strong Branding
Your brand defines your business

A great business website has strong branding. This allows you to differentiate your business from the competition and lets consumers know exactly what they should expect from your company.

Branding is what helps you stick out from the rest. Solid and consistent branding is vital for a professional look and feel.

This branding should continue throughout all your campaigns, website, email, and text marketing.

4 - Considerable Content

Important Features That Every Business Website Should Have - Considerable Content
Content is King. Content is what makes your users want and need you. This makes you visible. This is more than just SEO.

An important feature that every business website should have is a large amount of content. Content drives the search engines, and you’ll want your website to rank well in the search engines if you wish to succeed.

Many business owners don't know that using content marketing is just about the only way to grow on Google today. Google's algorithm will have difficulty indexing your pages in search results without demonstrating that you know what you're talking about.

Want other ways to drive traffic to your website? Learn some other tactics we use to help drive traffic to our website.

5 - Great Website Speed

One of the worst things about many business websites is that they’re too slow to load. However, that’s not a problem with a great website. Website speed matters to SEO and user experience.

Functional Web Design is something we practice here at Slaterock Automation, allowing our websites to move with speed and purpose, giving the user a great experience while navigating the website.

6 - Aesthetic Appeal

Another great feature of a good business website is that it appeals to the senses. This is called Web Design. It should have lots of pictures and be easy to navigate. Furthermore, it should have a tasteful color scheme and be easy to read.

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7 - A Social Outlet

Important Features That Every Business Website Should Have - Social Media Outlet
Social Media drives people to your website. Make sure to maximize it.

Another essential feature is that it has excellent social media integration. Your website should make it easy for your customers to share content, and it should be easy to see what people are saying about your business.

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8 - Straightforward Navigation

A good business website is user-friendly and has a straightforward navigation system. If a visitor has any trouble navigating your website, then it’s a good bet that they won’t be using it again. This is called User Experience.

9 - Strong SEO

The most important feature that a business website should have is strong SEO. If you want your website to rank well in the search engines, then you should have great SEO.

10 - Strong Calls-to-Action

The final feature that I want to mention is strong calls to action. A great business website should give you more than enough reasons to buy a product or learn more about its services.

Why These Website Features Are Crucial For Your Business

All of these features greatly affect your business, and they can make all the difference for your users.

If you can successfully utilize each one of these features, your business's online presence will undoubtedly stand out among your competition. Next is determining how to drive sales from all this website traffic!

Should you be in need of web design services, contact Slaterock Automation. We provide SMBs with the tools needed to optimize their online efforts and compete with corporations vying for consumers in the digital space.

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We hope this article helps you in your digital marketing journey.

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