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What is Wix Business Email? An Overview

After securing a Premium plan and your unique domain, the subsequent move is to set up a professional business email. This email consists of a self-selected username paired with your personalized domain, creating addresses like or Get help with Slaterock Automation if you get confused.

Owning a business email brings several advantages: it elevates the professionalism of your enterprise, lays the foundation for your digital footprint, and cultivates customer trust. Additionally, it enhances brand recognition, especially when integrated with marketing resources such as Wix Email Marketing.

What is Wix Business Email? An Overview

Do you already have a business email?

Assign Unique Email Addresses to Each Team Member

Equip each team or individual team member with a distinct business email address. For instance, use for customer inquiries, or for sales-related communication. This strategy assures customers they're interacting with the appropriate contact.

These custom email addresses boost team efficiency and confidence through various support features, such as Google Smart Compose, email scheduling, integrated chat options, and real-time collaborative tools.

As your business expands, easily scale your email setup by adding or subtracting users according to your needs. Discover how to set up more custom email addresses for your growing team. Get help with Slaterock Automation if you get confused.

Assign Unique Email Addresses to Each Team Member

Safeguard Your Business with Robust Security and Support

Your business email comes with essential phishing and spam protection, ensuring a secure communication environment. Additionally, it's reinforced with round-the-clock customer support accessible via live chat, email, or phone. These stringent security protocols provide your team with the necessary peace of mind and confidence, enabling them to collaborate efficiently and safely on business ventures.

Diverse Email Routing and Delivery Options

Efficiently manage your expanding business by configuring email routing and delivery settings for your accounts:

  • Routing Configuration: Utilize the routing feature to customize inbound, outbound, and internal email flows, adapting these settings to suit various individuals and teams.

  • Delivery Management: Implement specific delivery actions, such as rejecting, quarantining, or modifying incoming emails. For instance, direct emails from unfamiliar senders to a general catch-all address instead of bouncing them back.

Discover detailed insights on email routing and delivery configurations at the Google Workspace Admin Help center. Get help with Slaterock Automation if you get confused.

Wix and Google Workspace Collaborative Plans

Wix has teamed up with Google to integrate Google Workspace plans directly within your Wix account. Choose from three distinct Workspace plans, each offering a variety of benefits to meet diverse needs. This integration centralizes all essential business tools in one platform for your convenience.

Each Wix Google Workspace plan provides access to Google Calendar and a minimum of 30GB storage, combining inbox and Google Drive space. Enjoy the flexibility of saving files in various formats on Google Drive, scheduling meetings with integrated calendars, and collaborating seamlessly on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of a business email?

The price of a business email varies based on several aspects, notably the Google Workspace plan you select. Note that buying a Premium plan doesn’t automatically include a business email.

Additional Info: A Premium plan is not a prerequisite for obtaining a business email.

2. Does my business email function if my website isn't live yet?

Absolutely, your business email remains operational even if your website isn’t published. The email is linked to your domain, not the website itself.

3. Can I transfer my business email from Wix to another platform?

Yes, you can transfer your business email from Wix exclusively to Google Workspace. This process will sever the connection between the Workspace business email and your Wix account.

Important: This is a one-way action. After transferring to Google Workspace, you cannot repurchase the business email via Wix. For assistance in transferring, book a meeting with Slaterock Automation.


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