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What is Wix Branded App?

Updated: May 8

Wix Branded Mobile App is an application developed by, a popular cloud-based web development platform. The app is meant to mirror the functionality of their desktop site, while providing users with the flexibility and convenience of managing their online presence from their mobile device.

This is Wix branded App by slaterock automation

With this release, you're no longer required to hire a development team to build an app from scratch costing you tens of thousands of dollars. When built within Wix, your app will connect directly to your website allowing all updates to be seamless with each other, something that has never been done before! In fact, many companies, including Facebook, don't even have this capability.

Are you ready to work with a Wix Expert to build an app for your business?

Key Features

  • Website Management: Allows users to update and manage their Wix websites straight from the app. Users can add new photos, write and publish new blog posts, and even add new products if they run an online store.

  • Booking Management: If the website includes online booking features (for services, classes, etc.), users can manage these bookings directly from the app. This includes scheduling, cancellations, and notifications.

  • Chat: The app includes a chat feature where users can interact with their website visitors in real-time. This can help improve customer engagement and provide prompt service.

  • Store Management: If users have an online store via Wix, the mobile app allows them to manage their inventory, track orders, get notifications about sales, and even create and send coupons.

  • Blog Management: The app provides tools to manage a Wix blog. Users can write, edit, and publish posts directly from the app. Also, they can respond to comments and interact with their readers.

  • Community Management: The app allows users to create and manage groups, initiate discussions, and interact with their community members.

The New Way to Create Apps for Your Business

With the latest release from Wix, users are now getting another fantastic feature that no other platform can offer. Wix users will now have the ability to create simple applications designed to inform, sell, and notify their app's users about their business.

Use Cases

There are many use cases for a tool like this. By creating a Wix Branded App, you can easily communicate directly with your customers on their mobile devices.


By far the best use case for the Wix Branded App is communication. By having a native app directly on your customer's phone, you send direct, customized messages with specific calls to action.


A unique aspect of the Wix Branded App is the fact that you can sell your products and services directly through the app. This allows you to engage in a modern demand-gen-style campaign, supplying content directly through the app.

When the prospect is ready, they have the option to purchase right then and there within the app.


If you run a service-based business, the Wix Bookings feature integrates directly into your Wix Branded App allowing users to easily book sessions through the app directly on their mobile device.

This eliminated the need for users to find your website, sign in, and book the service. After the Branded App has been installed, users will easily be able to navigate the page to book a session.

Faster Speeds

By having your users store a digital application on their phone, instead of having to load the code each time a website is visited, that code is stored directly on the mobile device of the user.

This allows for much faster load speeds that will ultimately boost your user experience and keep users on your platform longer.

There are many great use cases for the Wix Branded App and because it connects directly with your website, you don't have to worry about updating the app alongside your website because it does it for you!

No Coding App Builder

The app's editor, currently, is a simplified version of the Wix website editor. If you're used to the classic Wix editor, this should be a walk in the park for you! The apps will be directly connected to your website allowing for seamless integration and a simplified build process.

Building the App

The best part of the Wix Branded App is the fact that it is super easy to use, allowing almost anyone to create an application for their business.

Cost of Wix's Branded App

The cost of the new Wix Branded App is $200.00 per month. The only other costs that come along with building an app are the developer fees for both Apple's app store and Google's Google Play Store. These are one-time fees to create a developer account with each platform.

Early adopters to the platform received a lifetime discount of 50% off but that discount is no longer available. If Wix decides to offer discounts to their premium hosting plan for the Wix Branded App, similar to their website hosting plans, we should begin to see these as email notifications soon.

This may seem like a lot, especially for many small businesses, but when compared to the app development world, you are saving thousands of dollars each year. If you were to hire a team to build something similar, you would most likely be paying between 5k-10k as a build cost, and that is not including the monthly hosting.

Booking on Wix Branded App

Why Build a Wix Branded App?

There are many benefits of building a Wix Branded App, mainly saving on the upfront cost and the fact that it updates alongside your website!

Our team has found that your website's simultaneous updates are the best feature of them all. Many users may not realize how powerful this feature is.

When you look closely at a company like Facebook, you can tell that their app and website don't update simultaneously. You can see the color, text and layout differences right away. Wix has created a way to eliminate this issue providing an outstanding product for small businesses.

The Wix Branded App is a next-level tool for small to medium size businesses looking to build an online presence directly through native app stores such as Apple's App Store and Google's Google Play Store.

If you want to get started, feel free to reach out to us as a certified Wix Partner, and we can get you set up with the current promotion and even build your App for you! Once you schedule a meeting through the button below, our team will contact you to get more information!


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