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How to Transfer a Domain Purchased Elsewhere to Wix

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

When you transfer your domain to Wix, Wix takes over as your domain host. This transfer means that all aspects of your domain, including contact information, DNS settings, and registration payments, will be managed directly through your Wix account.

In this article, you'll find information on:

Before you begin: Before starting the domain transfer to Wix, here are some key steps you need to take:

  • Obtain an authorization code (also known as the EPP code) from your current domain registrar. This code is generally sent to the email address registered with your domain, usually upon request. If you need help getting this code, contact your current registrar.

  • Ensure your domain is unlocked. You can usually request your current registrar to unlock the domain for transfer. However, be aware of ICANN's 60-day lock policy, which might apply in some cases.

  • Turn off DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) before transferring your domain. Wix does not support DNSSEC, so you'll need to disable it. If you're unsure how to do this, your current registrar can assist you.

  • If you need help, click here to book a meeting and we'll do our best to help.

Transferring your domain to Wix

Transfer your domain to make Wix your new domain host. After the transfer is finalized, you'll be able to manage all your domain settings and handle billing directly through Wix.

Note: The process of transferring your domain to Wix can take up to 7 days to complete. If you need to link your domain to your Wix site more quickly, you should consider connecting your domain to Wix first.

To transfer your domain to Wix:

To transfer your domain to Wix, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your site to initiate the transfer process.

  2. Read the provided instructions and click "Start Transfer".

  3. Type in the domain you wish to transfer (for example,

  4. Choose the original purchase location of your domain from the drop-down menu.

  5. Click "Continue".

  6. Log into the account with your current domain host:

  7. Open a new browser tab and sign in to the account where your domain was purchased.

  8. Back in your Wix account, mark the "I logged in" checkbox.

  9. Ensure your domain is prepared for transfer:

  10.  In the new browser tab, unlock your domain from your current domain host.

  11.  In your Wix account, check the "I unlocked it" box.

  12. Obtain an authorization code from your current domain host's account.

  13. Enter this code in the "Enter authorization code" field.

  14. Click "Continue" to proceed with the transfer.

  15. Choose to extend your domain registration for at least one additional year.

  16. Click "Continue".

  17. Review and, if necessary, update your contact information, then click "Continue".

  18. Decide on a privacy setting for your domain registration:

    1. Private Registration: Hides your contact details in the WHOIS domain information records. This privacy option can be toggled on or off at any time.

    2. Public Registration: Keeps your name and address visible in the WHOIS domain information records. This setting can only be switched to private when you manually extend your domain's subscription.

  19. Click "Continue" after making your privacy selection.

  20. Choose your payment method and click "Submit Purchase" to complete the transaction.

Transfer your domain to Wix

What’s next?

After you submit the purchase for the domain transfer, you will receive a confirmation email from sent to the registrant's email address associated with your domain. This email confirms that the transfer process has been initiated. Please note that it may take up to 7 days for the complete transfer of your domain to Wix.


If you have any questions or need further assistance, Slaterock Automation is here to help.

My domain can't be transferred to Wix. Can I connect the domain to Wix instead?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you're unable to transfer your domain to Wix for any reason, you still have the option to connect your existing domain to your Wix site. This means you can keep your domain registered with its current host and still have it point to your Wix website. If you need help, click here to book a meeting and we'll do our best to help.

What domain extensions can be transferred to Wix?

Currently, Wix supports the transfer of domains with specific extensions only. These include: 

  •  .com, .org, .net, .agency, .art, .biz, .blog, .ca, .center, .christmas, .cloud, .club, .co, .coach, .company, .club, .design, .digital, .directory, .email, .expert, .finance, .fit, .fitness, .fun, .gifts, .group, .guru, .holiday, .info, .land, .life, .live, .london, .love, .me, .media, .mx, .ninja, .online, .party, .photography, .photos, .pictures, .rocks, .site, .shop, .solutions, .space, .store, .studio, .tokyo, .today, .top, .technology, .tips, .training, .website, .wiki, .work, .world, .xyz, and .yoga.

If your domain has an extension that is not on this list, you won't be able to transfer it to Wix, but you can still connect it to your Wix site.

How long will the transfer take to complete?

Finalizing the transfer of your domain to Wix can take up to 7 days. Once you initiate the transfer, you'll receive an email confirming that Wix has received your request to transfer your domain. 

You don't need to take any additional steps to complete this process. The transfer will be completed within the 7-day period, provided that you've entered the correct authorization code and your current domain registrar has approved the transfer.

I've recently changed my registrant information. Can I still transfer my domain?

If you've recently updated your domain's registrant information, please be aware that your domain will be locked from transfer for 60 days due to ICANN's regulations. However, you still have the option to connect your domain to your Wix site during this period. For guidance on how to do this, you can follow the provided instructions. To gain a better understanding of the ICANN's 60 Day Lock Policy and how it affects your domain, you can explore more detailed information.

Can I transfer a 'premium' domain name to Wix?

No, it's not possible to transfer 'premium' domains to your Wix account, as Wix does not support the transfer or sale of premium domains. However, you can still choose to connect your premium domain to your Wix site.

Note: 'Premium' domains are domain names that have been identified by other registrars as high-value, often due to their short length, common words, or key phrases. These domains are frequently bought and resold by investors at a higher price. The classification of specific domain names as 'premium' is determined by each registrar according to their own criteria.

Can I transfer a domain registered with Network Solutions to Wix?

No, domains that are registered with Network Solutions cannot be transferred to Wix at this time. However, you still have the option to connect your Network Solutions-registered domain to your Wix site. This allows you to keep your domain registration with Network Solutions while directing the domain to your Wix website.

Can I transfer a domain registered with to Wix?

Unfortunately, domains that are registered with are not eligible for transfer to Wix. However, you have the option to connect your domain from to your Wix site. This means you can maintain your domain registration with while directing the domain to point to your Wix website.

If I transfer my domain to Wix, what happens to the domain registration period?

When you transfer a domain to Wix, the existing registration period of your domain is retained. This means that any time left on your domain's current registration will be added on top of the mandatory one-year extension that comes with the transfer. So, you don't lose any of the remaining time you've already paid for with your current registrar.

If I transfer my domain to Wix, what happens to the domain privacy setting?

When you transfer your domain to Wix, it's important to note that the privacy settings from your previous registrar do not automatically carry over. The privacy setting that you had with your old registrar will remain in effect only until the end of your current subscription period with them. After that, the privacy setting for your domain will switch to whatever option you selected in Wix during the transfer process (as referenced in step 14).

This is a standard practice in the industry, and it's not possible to change this setting during the transfer process. You'll have the opportunity to select your preferred privacy option in Wix, which will take effect after the transition from your old registrar is complete.

I've successfully transferred my domain to Wix, but my old site still appears. What's happening?

If your domain has been successfully transferred to Wix but your old website is still showing up, this issue typically resolves on its own within a few days. This delay can be due to the settings of your router or browser. To address this immediately, you can take the following steps:

  1. Clear your web browser's cache. This removes stored data that might be causing your browser to display the old site.

  2. Flush your DNS. This action refreshes your system's DNS cache, which can help your computer recognize the new settings for your domain more quickly.

Performing these actions should help in updating the changes and displaying your site hosted on Wix instead of the old one.

Can I cancel the transfer of my domain from another registrar to Wix?

Once you initiate the process of transferring your domain from another registrar to Wix, Wix is unable to intervene or cancel the transfer request. If you decide you need to cancel the transfer, you should contact your current registrar directly.

In the event that the domain transfer to Wix fails and is marked as 'failed' in your Wix account, you will automatically receive a refund for any payments made for the transfer. Please note that it might take up to 20 days for this refund to reflect in your bank statement.


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