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Google Workspace: Purchasing and Setting up a Business Email through Wix

Buy a special business email with Google Workspace through Wix, like It will make your business look more serious and reliable and strengthen your brand.

Step 1 | Buy a Google Workspace Business Email

Decide how many emails you need and pick a plan that fits your business. Wix has three Google Workspace email plans: Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus. Find out more about what each plan offers.

Before you Start:

To buy a Google Workspace email, you need to have a domain (from Wix or another place) and add it to the 'Domains' area in your account.

To purchase a Google Workspace business email:

  1. In your Wix account, go to 'Business Email'.

  2. Click 'Get a Business Email'.

Note: If you have more than one domain, click 'Get a Business Email' next to the one you want to use.

  1. Choose how many business emails you want.

How Many Mailboxes Do You Want - Purchasing a Google Workspace Business Email

  1. Enter the first part of your email(s).

  2. Click 'Continue'.

  3. Pick the Google Workspace plan you like.

  4. Decide if you want to pay Monthly or Yearly.

  5. Click 'Continue to Checkout'.

  6. Choose how you want to pay and click 'Submit Purchase'.


Step 2 | Get Your Google Workspace Business Email Ready

After buying a Google Workspace business email from Wix, set it up with a password (and any other emails you got) so you can use it.

To Get Your Google Workspace Business Email Ready:

  1. In your Wix account, go to 'Business Email'.

  2. Click 'Setup Business Email'.

  3. Enter your main email address.

  4. Choose a password.

  5. Confirm your password.

  6. (Optional) Fill in details for any extra emails in the empty fields.

  7. Click 'Next'.

  8. Check your contact information.

  9. Click 'Submit'.


  • After you buy and set up your business email(s), remember to log into your business email admin account to agree to the Google Product Agreement and Terms of Service. You can't use your other business emails until you accept this agreement. You might also need to confirm your domain, if asked.

  • Your business account should work completely within 24 hours once it's activated.


We're here to answer all your questions. Click on a question below to find out more:

Can I use Google services in all countries/regions?

Google Workspace works in most places, but Google doesn't let some of its services be used in certain countries/regions like China, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. If you need more info about where Google Workspace is available, you can reach out to Google Workspace Support.

How much does a business email cost?

The cost of a business email varies based on things like the Google Workspace plan you pick. Business emails are bought separately from Premium plans.

Note: You don't need to have an active Premium plan to buy a business email.

Can I purchase more than one business email?

Yes, you can buy many emails for each domain. For instance, you can have and If you've already bought a Google Workspace email, you can also get more emails for the same domain.

Can I change my business email plan to a different plan?

Yes, you can. If you later find you need more storage or extra features, you can upgrade your Workspace plan any time you need.

Note: Right now, Wix only lets you move up to higher-level plans.

Is there any limit on the amount of business emails I can buy?

You can get as many as 300 business emails, but you can only buy 20 at a time. So, if you want 100 business emails, you'd need to buy them in groups of 20, which means making five separate purchases.

What can I do if I am experiencing issues with the authentication process?

After you complete your purchase, your bank might ask you to prove who you are. If you have any trouble with this step, you should talk to your bank directly. To understand more, look up information about Strong Customer Authentication.

What happens if I try to purchase an email address I already own?

If you try to buy an email address that you already have (whether it's in your Wix account or somewhere else), you'll get a message saying it's not available because you already own it. The purchase won't be completed.

If the email was bought through Wix, check the business email page on your site. If it was bought outside of Wix, you should get in touch with the provider where you got it.

How long should I wait after purchasing a business email in order to set it up?

After buying your business email, wait for about 5 minutes before you start setting it up.

What happens if I don't accept the Terms of Service?

If you don't agree to the Terms of Service in the business email admin account, your email will be put on hold. You'll then have to get in touch with Wix Customer Care and might need to go through some extra checks.


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