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The Best Mother's Day Ads of All Time: Top 7 Commercials to Watch

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

What makes a great Mother's Day ad?

A great Mother's Day ad should evoke emotions such as love, gratitude, and nostalgia, as these are the feelings that most people associate with motherhood. The ad should tell a story that connects with the audience on an emotional level and should be inspirational and uplifting. The messaging should be original and creative, with a unique perspective that sets it apart from other ads.

Brands can twist the standard Mother's Day marketing approaches by focusing on social issues or incorporating humor or tension. The use of sentimental advertisement can be powerful, especially when it includes inspiring moments.

Finally, the ad should be relatable and authentic, reflecting the experiences of real mothers and their children. By leveraging the power of storytelling and evoking emotions, brands can create a memorable and impactful Mother's Day ad campaign.

The 7 Best Mother's Day Ads of All Time

1. Samsung - Texts from Mom (2015)

Samsung's "Texts from Mom" commercial is a hilarious take on the typical messages we receive from our mothers. The ad features adults scrolling through their texts with their moms, with messages ranging from silly slang to discussions about avocados. Unlike other Mother's Day ads that tug at our heartstrings, Samsung opted for a more laid-back approach that showcases the humorous side of mother-child relationships. The campaign encourages viewers to call their moms on Mother's Day, with the Samsung logo displayed on the then-newly launched Galaxy S6 model. The ad is relatable and funny, showcasing Samsung's ability to inject humor into its marketing campaigns. It's no wonder it's considered one of the best Mother's Day ads of all time.

2. British Roses for the Queen | The Body Shop (2016)

The Body Shop's British Roses for the Queen ad campaign for Mother's Day 2016 was a spoof campaign that gave viewers a glimpse of what a typical Mother's Day at Buckingham Palace might look like. The ad featured convincing royal family lookalikes celebrating Mother's Day in the royal garden and preparing breakfast for the Queen. The creative concept behind the ad was humorous and satirical, focusing on amusing content that gets shared more across social networks. The visual elements used were candid, home video-style, and authentic-looking, thanks to the expertise of BAFTA-award-winning director Allison Jackson. The tone of the ad was light-hearted and playful, encouraging viewers to treat their moms like queens.

3. Kraft - Swear Like a Mother (2017)

Kraft's 2017 Swear Like a Mother Mother's Day ad campaign features Melissa Mohr, author of Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing, as a swearing expert who reminds parents that it's okay to have flaws and swear in front of their children. The ad highlights the results of a Kraft poll that found 74% of mothers admit to swearing in front of their children, with Melissa humorously suggesting that the other 26% are "full of s—t." The campaign's messaging is all about relatability and taking shortcuts in motherhood sometimes. It was well-received by viewers, receiving over 4.5 million views, 70 million social impressions, and 769,000 likes, comments, and retweets in just nine days after its debut, with approximately 387 million impressions around the world. Notable features include Melissa's mockumentary-style appearance and the release of Mother's Day cards with Fail-Cancelling Earplugs to protect children's ears during those less-than-motherly times.

4. Allswell - #BanTheBrunch (2018)

The Allswell #BanTheBrunch Mother's Day ad from 2018 was a viral social media campaign that encouraged mothers to choose how they wanted to celebrate Mother's Day. The campaign aimed to give mothers a platform to share their ideal Mother's Day plans and enter them into a competition to win a luxe Allswell mattress or a $500 gift card.

The creative concept and execution of the ad were focused on emphasizing how mothers would prefer to have breakfast in bed instead of going out to brunch, and it was a call to arms to get all the moms to stay in bed this Mother's Day and leave the stressful celebration brunch behind. The overall message conveyed in the ad was that mothers deserve to be celebrated in a way that they prefer, and it's essential to give them the power to choose how they want to celebrate.

5. Stockland, 'All Those Who Mum,' 2018

The Stockland Mother's Day campaign in 2018 celebrated motherhood in all its forms and highlighted the company's support for diversity. The ad showcased various types of mothers, including single moms, stepmothers, working parents, adoptive mothers, and traditional moms. The emotional messages captured the essence of motherhood and challenged stereotypes, promoting gender equality.

The video portrayed mothers as leaders, cooks, and those who sacrifice for their children's happiness. The ad's effectiveness lies in its ability to position Stockland as an inclusive and forward-thinking company that values and respects mothers without any promotional punchline or message. The music and the various scenes of mothers and their children added to the ad's emotional impact, making it a memorable tribute to all who Mum.

6. Tattoo | American Greetings (2017)

The Tattoo commercial by American Greetings (2017) is a heartwarming tribute to motherhood created by MullenLowe. The ad tells the story of a daughter who gets a tattoo in memory of her late mother, inspired by a card she found from her mother after her passing. The ad's emotional impact is palpable as the daughter reads the card and decides to get a tattoo of her mother's handwriting on her wrist. The tone of the ad is sentimental and nostalgic, emphasizing the importance of cherishing memories with loved ones.

This commercial is one of the best Mother's Day ads of all time because it captures the essence of motherhood and the enduring love between a mother and daughter. It is a touching reminder to appreciate and celebrate the important women in our lives.

7. Macy's, 'Mother's Day at Macy's,' 2018

In 2018, Macy's launched its Mother's Day at Macy's' campaign with a heartwarming TV commercial that showcased the emotional bond between a mother and her daughter. The ad opens with a young girl who is anxious about her first day of school, and her mother reassures her by giving her a purse, saying she will be back. Years later, when the girl leaves for college, she shops on for a similar-looking purse for her mother, letting her know she will always return.

The tagline "The perfect gift keeps us close" emphasizes the importance of personalized gifts that show mothers how much they are loved and appreciated. The ad's messaging and visual elements aim to create an emotional connection with customers, building loyalty to the Macy's brand.

How to make your ad stand out this year?

Step 1: Find the right Mother's Day campaign idea

To find the perfect Mother's Day campaign idea to make your ad stand out this year, brainstorm unique and creative concepts beyond traditional messaging. Consider the interests and preferences of your target audience and what would resonate with them. Research successful campaigns from previous years to gain inspiration and identify unique selling points that can set your campaign apart from the crowd. Think outside the box and explore channels such as social media, email, and your website to promote your campaign.

Finally, ensure your campaign aligns with your brand values and messaging to ensure authenticity and credibility. Following these tips, you can create a standout Mother's Day campaign that resonates with your audience and drives results.

Step 2: Create a meaningful message that connects with mothers

When creating a meaningful message that connects with mothers, authenticity, and relatability are key. It's important to use personal anecdotes or relatable situations to create a connection with the audience. Sharing personal experiences or memories can evoke emotions that resonate with your viewers personally. The tone should be warm and empathetic, conveying a sense of understanding and appreciation for the role of motherhood. Keeping the message authentic and relatable can create a genuine connection with your audience that will leave a lasting impression.

Step 3: Use visual storytelling to draw people in

To make your Mother's Day ad stand out, use visual storytelling to evoke emotions in your viewers. Use powerful imagery, color, lighting, and camera angles to create a visually stunning ad. Incorporate universally understood concepts and relatable storylines to resonate with your audience on a personal level. An interactive ad is a great way to engage your audience through videos, quizzes, games, or polls. User-generated content is also effective in creating heartwarming campaign ads.

A great example of visual storytelling is Coca-Cola's Mother's Day video, which tells a woman's coming of age from the mother and daughter's perspective. DICK's Sporting Goods also effectively used visual storytelling by featuring mothers caring for their kids against a backdrop of sports and play scenes. Use these examples as inspiration for your ad, and make sure to connect with your audience in meaningful and memorable ways.

Step 4: Craft an emotional call-to-action

Crafting an emotional call-to-action for your Mother's Day ad is crucial to connect with your audience personally and evoking emotions. Storytelling techniques can help create a compelling and emotional message that resonates with your viewers. A successful emotional call-to-action should be relatable, heartwarming, and express gratitude towards mothers.

For instance, an ad campaign that focuses on the bond between a mother and child can be a great way to evoke emotions. In the past, brands have used emotional call-to-actions such as "Thank Mom for all she does" or "Show your love with a special gift for Mom." These call-to-actions encourage viewers to take action and make their mothers feel special.

By crafting an emotional call to action, you can create a deeper connection with your audience and make your Mother's Day ad campaign more effective.

Step 5: Go all in on social media marketing strategies

To make your Mother's Day ad stand out on social media, it's important to leverage social media trends and work with influencers who resonate with your brand. Create authentic, relatable content and use a multi-channel approach to reach a wider audience.

Additionally, don't forget the power of starting a conversation on Facebook to engage with your followers and show transparency. Share personal reflections and ask your followers to share theirs.

Step 6: Utilize digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing strategies can effectively make Mother's Day ads stand out. One successful strategy is to adopt a multi-channel campaign by promoting the campaign across multiple channels such as social media, email, and website.

Another effective strategy is leveraging social media trends and collaborating with influencers who resonate with your brand values and target audience. Creating authentic and relatable content rather than promotional material is key. Successful examples of digital marketing for Mother's Day include Coach's 2023 campaign with Jennifer Lopez, Baby Dove's 2022 campaign, and Sephora's 2022 campaign. Other successful campaigns include Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, Tesco, UPS Canada, Simon & Schuster Books, Google Home Hub, KFC, and Kraft's Swear Like a Mother campaign.

Utilizing these strategies and partnering with digital advertising agencies, brands can create successful and memorable Mother's Day campaigns.

Step 7: Make sure your message gets out to the right audience

To ensure your Mother's Day ad reaches the right audience, start by identifying your target audience. Consider factors such as age, gender, interests, and location. Once you have a clear idea of your target audience, choose the right channels to promote your ad. A multi-channel campaign that includes social media, email, and your website can increase ROI and reach a wider audience. Consider leveraging social media influencers who resonate with your brand values and have a similar target audience. Create authentic and relatable content rather than promotional. Showcase your brand values effectively in your ad campaign to build trust with your target audience. Finally, tailor your message to resonate with your audience. Consider local marketing and creating a sense of urgency to encourage your audience to take action.

Following these tips ensures that your Mother's Day ad reaches the right audience and drives results.


We now know that emotions play a crucial part in marketing. Adapting to this fast will make sure you'll never go out of trend and will keep you always in front of your target audience. Be sure to plan carefully and do your research since there's no fixed formula for your target audience in your target niche.

Taking advantage of occasions such as Mother's Day will boost your audience reach since it follows the seasonal trend. Not just that, since everybody is talking about it, chances are also that you will appear in searches, both on Google, Youtube, and/or even Facebook. This is a powerful digital marketing strategy applying SEO and content marketing techniques of creating visuals such as stills and videos with the use of social media.

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