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Top Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2023

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

2023 will be a time to focus on the things that matter most. It will look at what we can control and ensure we're prepared for whatever comes our way. We'll need to be mindful of our goals, resources, and actions to get through this tough time. It's a time to stay sharp and focus on the things that will impact the most.

The pandemic has made it hard for us to go out and do the things we used to do. It has changed the way we live and work. There are tensions between different countries and economic uncertainty.

Businesses cannot just sit back and wait to see what happens in 2023. They need to be proactive and start planning to continue to thrive and stay afloat. Marketing is essential to the plan, and understanding the top trends and predictions for the coming year can help you make the right decisions for your business.

Google leaders have provided insights to ensure your business is prepared for 2023.

More Inclusive Media Planning

According to Nishma Robb, Senior Director of Marketing, Brand, and Reputation at Google United Kingdom, the advertising industry has been doing a better job of ensuring people from all backgrounds are represented in their ads. But it’s not enough to see these people on TV or hear them in radio ads. We must ensure they’re being seen in all the same places as everyone else. Unfortunately, people can unintentionally create bias in their media plans and exclude specific segments. Marketers need to be aware of this to ensure everyone is included and that their media plans embrace diverse content that everyone can relate to.

This year, companies like Domino's and Diageo looked at where their ads were placed and realized that they needed to reach everyone they wanted. So they decided not to exclude specific keywords and topics and carefully chose which people and publishers to invest in. In the future, these companies should take a closer look at their ads and make sure that they are reaching all the people they want to and that they aren't excluding any topics or keywords that could lead to bias. They should also look for ways to support underrepresented voices and communities that may have been overlooked.

Advertising with a Purpose

Advertising with a Purpose

According to Mailine Swildens, Director of Creative Works in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Google, people expect companies to not just think about their profits anymore but also how their actions can positively impact society. This means that companies are shifting their focus from just trying to reduce their environmental effects to taking a more active role in raising awareness about important causes and motivating people to take action.

For example - Sheba (a cat food brand) is trying to help save the world's fish by helping restore coral reefs. They made videos about their work and used the money they made from the ads on YouTube to pay for the project. They're trying to make a difference and spread the word about how important it is to protect our oceans.

Moreover, Back Market is a French company that created an online marketplace for refurbished tech devices. They want to help reduce the amount of e-waste in society, so they use the mantra of “reuse, reduce, recycle” in their ads to show that they are committed to this cause. They want people to know that they are serious about creating a circular economy that is better for the environment and not just trying to “purpose-wash” (pretending to care about something to make themselves look good). They want people to know that their commitment to this cause is authentic, long-term, and supported by actions.

Privacy and Peace of Mind

According to Matt Brittin, President of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Google, in 2023, businesses must stand out from their competitors by demonstrating their commitment to protecting their customers' online privacy. People are increasingly taking care of more and more aspects of their lives online, so it's essential for companies to show that they understand the importance of keeping customers' data safe.

We recently surveyed many people about how good and bad privacy experiences can impact how they interact with a brand. The results indicate that people respond positively when a business respects their privacy.

It's vital to ensure you're giving customers control over their data. They will trust you and your digital marketing efforts if they feel in control of their data. It's essential that more than 43% of people would switch to a different brand if they have a terrible privacy experience. That's almost as bad as if their data was stolen! In 2023, ensure you are giving people access to tools that allow them to manage their privacy, so they can feel like they have control over their data.

It’s Gen Z’s World (we’re just living in it)

According to Julia Hoffman, Director of Creative Lab for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Google, Gen Z is the first generation to have grown up with the internet, and they use it dynamically. They like to be visually engaged, so we created a campaign to reflect that. We made videos highlighting different trends and interests that Gen Z is interested in, like fashion, interests, and artists. We promoted a new way to search what you see, using Google Lens, so Gen Z could find what they're looking for without describing it.

In 2023, don't force Gen Z audiences to come to you - instead, go to them. Try to understand what needs to be met and focus on creating something relevant and authentic for them rather than something that looks the same for everyone. Make sure to embrace the visual world that they live in, as it's likely to be very different from the world you know.

Augmented Reality Experiences

According to Stephanie Horton, Global Marketing Director of Commerce at Google, the pandemic made more people shop online instead of at stores. Companies had to develop new and innovative ways to bring customers back into their physical stores. In 2023, companies will need to develop ways to make in-store shopping experiences unique and valuable. To do this, they will use things like augmented reality, a type of technology that makes it seem like 3D objects exist in the real world. This technology is becoming more popular, and it’s expected that by 2025, a large portion of Gen Z will be using it to shop.

Some companies have been trying out using augmented reality in their campaigns. For example, Miss Dior asked people to use Google Lens to look at a garden of flowers when they were in the store, and Burberry had a statue of a Greek goddess that came alive when people used their phones. You don't need to be in a store to use augmented reality. Brands can create creative content and attach it to actual locations, so no matter where you are, you can experience it. With this technology, companies can start creating and testing different experiences with smartphones right away, and they'll be ready when AR glasses become more popular.

Snackable, Short-Form Videos

According to Dyana Najdi, Managing Director of Video and Display for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Google, people watch videos on different screens and for various lengths of time. To meet the needs of these viewers, creators are making shorter, "snackable" videos that are popular. There are now 1.5 billion people using YouTube Shorts, with over 30 billion views daily. To ensure people watch these shorter videos, creators need to jump straight into the action without wasting time setting up the story. That way, they can make sure their videos are engaging and successful.

You don't have to create new videos whenever you want to advertise on YouTube. We have a tool that can automatically change your videos from landscape to square or vertical formats, depending on how someone is viewing YouTube. This is available for App campaigns, Video Action, and Performance Max in 2023.

Super Apps Set Super (App) Expectations

According to Pendo O'Donohoe, Director of Large Customers for the Middle East and Africa at Google, super apps are like having all your favorite apps rolled into one. Think of it like having a single app on your phone that can do everything from placing orders for delivery to sending money to your friends. It's a one-stop shop for convenience, with access to a variety of services that you would normally need to open several different apps for. Walmart is the latest company to try its hand at creating a super app, offering its version to customers.

Super apps are changing how we use mobile devices, showing that people want convenience. Your app should be able to do more than one thing and have features that make it easier for people to use.

In 2023, Don't just create an app that people will use once and then delete. Make an app that people can use regularly and become a part of their daily lives.

If you need help keeping up with the latest trends in Digital Marketing in 2023, Slaterock Automation can help you. Contact us today!


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