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What is SEO?

SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) in short, is the practice of improving your website's ranking within the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). This means when you search for something, say a restaurant area, typically the restaurant that has put the most into their SEO will rank first for that search.

What is my ranking based on?

Your website's ranking is based on many factors that all contribute to what's known as your Domain Authority (DA) A recent study done by multiple marketing agencies throughout the U.S. have found the top 3 ranking factors include relevant content, backlinks, and page speed.

How to improve my ranking?

Well, in short, you need to boost your domain authority! Google is looking to give its users the best product; meaning everyday users searching for answers to their questions. The websites with the highest authority will most likely rank for those specific terms. To help boost your domain authority you need to create impactful content, develop backlinks, and make your website loading speed super fast. This is where Slaterock comes in to help! 

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Your Keywords & Phrases

Website Rank Tracking

Once your website is set up and submitted using Google Search Console, next comes the optimization phase. This is where many people get lost and lose out big time. After publishing your website live, it needs to be closely monitored to detect any errors or sections that can be optimized. 

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Why track your website?

Check it out, Google Ran an update that took our website down for 2 days! Thanks to our SERP watch software, the Slaterock team was notified, fixed the issue and we were back online. 

These system glitches can happen anytime and take your system down without warning. Without actively monitoring your website, this may happen without you even knowing. 

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Why Optimize?

Above is a Client website Slaterock has been working on, as you can see over time the main keywords on the website have slowly climbed to the number one position in the rankings. After months of keyword research and phrase construction, this website is now reaching the number 1 spot in the search results!

Let's Get to Work

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