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By utilizing AI for SEO, we can jump ahead of the competition by completing in-depth keyword research faster and more accurately than ever before.

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What Is AI SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing a business's digital assets to show higher in search results for keywords that relate to their business or organization.

Ai SEO is a practice of utilizing artificial intelligence in search engine optimization (SEO) to yield better results in a shorter period of time by completing extensive research on massive amounts of search engine result page analysis.

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Why Invest In SEO?

✔  SEO is a digital asset for your business

✔  Our SEO services are a 100% tax write-off

   We build trust with Google & your clients

✔  SEO delivers long-term growth & sustainability

Our SEO Process

Although SEO is complex and constantly changing, our process is designed to work with the ups and downs in the SEO world. One thing remains consistent, and that's the goal of search engines. They need to accurately display websites to users that are answering the questions they are searching for


Complete A Site Audit

An SEO audit is a deep dive into your website to see the current words your ranking for, and how they can be best targeted in search results

✔ Determine Keywords

✔ Correct Your Site Structure

✔ Add necessary information 


Create Content

After determining the keywords, we want to target, its time to build content around those terms to get your site showing in search results

✔ Uniquely Created Content

✔ Optimize for search engines

✔ Relevant to your industry


Off-Page Optimization

After creating the content needed to rank, now its time to drive traffic and authority to the site through backlinks

✔ Hight Quality News Sources

✔ Niche Focused Websites

✔ No Spam Links

*We Started Here

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Month to Month Growth From A Real Client

How does it work?

Our advanced SEO tactics can be simplified into basic steps that outline your entire project when working with us. By optimizing content that is focused on your keywords, we can begin to rank for searches that drive sales to your business.

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SEO Optimized Content

We start with our weekly content, the foundation-building assets that retain rankings and acquire high-quality traffic. We work directly with talented writers, researchers, and editors to create content that ranks for intent-driven search terms.

Ai Optimization

Our team will optimize your on-page SEO to rank highly in search engine results pages. We’ll improve your site’s health by correcting undesirable factors such as the use of duplicate content, optimizing your meta tags, and fixing any site structure errors that could be affecting your rankings.

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Backlink Outreach

Given that acquiring good quality backlinks to your website can sometimes be challenging, acquiring links via guest blogging and mentions in blogs is one way we have proven effective time and time again; yet by far the most effective is custom outreach directly to website editors to get your new content featured.

Check Your Page Analysis

Our team is working hard to build the tools your need to get a better understanding of your website.

By testing the tools we have built, you can see a brief portion of the data that we collect when running an SEO audit.

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✔ Highest source of traffic is organic search

✔ Largest organic source is Google

Website Rank Tracking

Once your website is set up and properly submitted to Google Search Console, it's time to install the website trackers. After publishing your website live, it needs to be closely monitored to detect any errors or sections that can be optimized to rank on the first page.

Ai rank tracking data for your website when using our SEO plan
Average position tracking so slaterock automation client websites

✔ Keywords Up/down

✔ Top 10/3

✔ Average Position

Monitor your Rankings with Ai

Our software will crawl your website to track your ranking each week to see where you gaining and where you slipping. 

So often website owners don't even know they are so close to hitting page 1 on search results with just the slightest updates.

What to Expect with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term game that takes a will to kick into gear, especially for new websites. Optimization happens monthly, and without contact updates, your website will not be able to compete with the competition.

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✔ Long-term growth

✔ Consistent growth

✔ Highly targeted

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✔ Google Search Console

✔ Top Querys

✔ Sitemap Submission

Keyword Optimization

Choosing the right keywords is crucial and will absolutely change the game when it comes to how well your website does in search results.

Here you can see a client page that is getting thousands of clicks each month.


(when we told her, she didn't even know!)

Our SEO Plans

Our team has curated a well-thought-out process that can be applied to any website helping them grow in search results. After years of custom plans, Slaterock has finally put together a package that is well suited for small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the United States.