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What is the Difference of Transferring vs. Connecting Your Domain to Wix?

What is the Difference of Transferring vs. Connecting Your Domain to Wix?

Slaterock Automation will help you understand the distinctions between "transferring" and "connecting" your domain to determine the most suitable choice for your business.


You need to upgrade your site to a Premium plan before you can link a domain to it.

Domain Transfer to Wix

Once you transfer your domain to Wix, it becomes your hosting provider. Manage these aspects directly from your Wix account:

  • Registration payment for your domain

  • Contact details associated with your domain

  • DNS records of your domain


View crucial details about moving your domain to Wix for additional information.

Linking Your Domain to Wix

Once your domain is linked to Wix, entering your domain name in a web browser will display your Wix site online.

For domains acquired outside Wix:

  • The domain stays with your existing domain host, not Wix. It's simply linked to your Wix site through name servers or pointing methods.

  • Nameservers: This preferred method allows you to control your DNS records via your Wix account.

  • Pointing: In this less recommended approach, your DNS records remain under the management of your domain host.

  • Manage your billing and contact information with your original domain host, not Wix. Reach out to them for help with domain renewals, updating contact details, and other domain-related billing questions.


After linking your domain to Wix, it can take up to 48 hours for the DNS updates to become effective. Discover more about domain propagation.


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