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What are the Upcoming Changes to Wix Premium Plans?

Wix Premium Plans

Wix is always working to make its services better and more suited to what you need. Soon, Wix will be updating our paid plans. If you're using an older paid Wix plan, you'll be switched to our new and improved options. These new plans are designed to be easier to understand and to fit a variety of needs. This change is for our updated paid plans and doesn't affect Wix Studio plans. It will start for Partners and Studio users in March 2024.

With this change, everything you currently have in your plan will stay the same, and you'll get new features too. Plus, if your old plan had higher limits for certain features than the new plan does, you'll get to keep those higher limits when you switch.

What does this changes to Wix Premium Plans mean for my plans?

Starting March 3, 2024, we'll begin updating the plans for Partners and Studio users. If your plan is due to renew from this date onwards, you'll be part of this update. Don't worry, we'll send you an email 30 days before any changes happen. This email will have all the important details about your subscription, like the name of your new plan, when it will renew, and any changes in the price.

Here's how the plans will change:

Legacy Wix Premium plan

Updated Wix Premium plan

Connect domain & Combo


Unlimited, Pro & Business Basic


Business Unlimited  & Website VIP


What are the new Wix Premium plans?

Each of our plans now includes round-the-clock support from Wix's Customer Care team and ensures that Wix branding is not displayed on your site. To understand more about each plan, have a look at the summaries below. If you want all the details, you can check out the complete list of plans here.


Our Light plan is great if you're just beginning to create your online presence. 

It offers basic but essential features, like free hosting to keep your website online and access to our customer support team any time you need help. With this plan, you can add one collaborator to help manage your site (even if you have a team under the same account, it's counted as one collaborator). Plus, you'll get access to marketing tools that help automate your work and capture leads through forms.

  • Important

    • With the Light Plan, please note that your website won't have the capability to process payments. 


If you run a small business and want to accept payments, manage bookings, and sell products online, the Core plan is a great choice.

➡️ Get help in choosing the best Wix Plan for your needs. Book a call now with Slaterock Automation

This plan comes with eCommerce features aimed at boosting your sales. You can sell on social media and other online marketplaces, take pre-orders and customer deposits, offer branded digital gift cards, and use tools to recover sales from abandoned shopping carts. Additionally, you can integrate a Point of Sale (POS) system to sell both in person and online.

This plan also gives you access to a variety of marketing tools, including Wix Chat, to engage with your customers more effectively. Plus, you can add up to five people as collaborators to help manage your site.


For medium to large businesses needing a broader set of features, the Business plan is ideal. 

With this plan, your site can connect to advanced shipping Service Provider Interfaces (SPIs) to set custom shipping rates and work with your chosen shipping providers. You can sell your products in up to five additional currencies, sync as many as 250 dropshipping products from Modalyst, offer branded physical gift cards through Wix POS, and benefit from automated sales tax calculations for up to 100 transactions.

Additionally, sites on this plan enjoy up to 100GB of storage space, can host up to 10 hours of video content, and allow up to 10 people to collaborate on the site.

Business Elite

Our Business Elite plan is tailored for businesses experiencing high traffic and needing specialized, advanced features. 

This plan introduces Advanced Infrastructure Capabilities, a collection of new products and enhanced features designed for websites that handle complex, data-intensive tasks and require robust backend support. With increased computing power and more data resources, you can create unique websites that meet your clients' specific needs and deliver a superior customer experience.

➡️ Get help in choosing the best Wix Plan for your needs. Book a call now with Slaterock Automation

For eCommerce purposes, this plan offers advanced tools that let you design an outstanding online storefront and customize the backend for an optimal selling experience. You'll have the flexibility to enhance checkout processes, sync catalogs of any size, and integrate APIs for tailor-made solutions, ranging from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) systems to fulfillment services.

We at Slaterock Automation, a Certified Wix Professional - Legend level can help you determine the best Wix plan for your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us today!


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