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How to Purchase a Domain from Wix?

Updated: Apr 12

Updated: 4/13/2024: A domain name is like your website's home address on the internet. It's what people type into their internet browser to visit your site, like "" Having your own domain name makes it easy for people to find you online and gives your website a professional look. It's a special spot on the web just for your business or brand.

You can pick and buy a domain name right from Wix for your website.

Before you begin:

  • To link your domain name to your site, you need to get one of Wix's Premium Plans.

  • If you buy an annual plan like Combo, Unlimited, Pro, VIP, Business Basic, Business Unlimited, or Business VIP, you get a free domain voucher.

In this guide, you'll learn about:

Purchasing a domain

When choosing a domain name, think about what fits your business best. You might want to use your business name or something that describes what you do. Check if the name you want, along with its ending (like .com or .net), is available. Then decide how long you want to have it – you can choose between 1 and 3 years.

To purchase a domain:

  1. Open Your Domains Page: In your site, go to the "Domains" page.

  2. Start the Purchase: Click on "Buy a Domain."

  3. Search for a Domain: Type in the domain name and its ending (like .com or .net) you want, then click "Search."

  4. Choose Your Domain: If your chosen domain is free, click "Get It" to register it through Wix. If the domain isn't available, go back and try a different name or ending.

  5. Select How Long You Want It: Choose how many years you want the domain for, then click "Continue."

  6. Provide Contact Details: Fill in or update your contact information, then click "Continue."

    1. Note: For EU users, your personal details won't show in public WHOIS records due to GDPR rules. However, your name, address, and email may be shared with certain parties if needed.

  7. Choose Privacy Protection:

    1. Full Privacy Protection: Keeps all your contact details private. You can switch this on and off anytime. All personal information is hidden in public WHOIS.

    2. Basic Protection: Replaces your phone number and email with general info. Interested parties use a contact form to reach you, reducing spam. Other details like your country and organization stay public. To switch from basic to full privacy, you need to manually extend your domain subscription.

  8. Continue to Next Step: Click "Continue."

  9. Finalize Your Purchase: Choose your payment method and click "Submit Purchase."

Purchasing a Wix domain

Wix Domain pricing

Cost of a Wix Domain

After you pick a site address (by choosing "Get It" as mentioned in step 4 above), you'll find options for how long you can register it, from 1 to 3 years.

The price of a Wix domain can vary based on several things:

  • Type of Domain Extension: Different endings like .com, .net, etc., have different prices.

  • Your Local Currency: The cost is affected by the currency you use.

  • Registration Duration: Whether you choose 1, 2, or 3 years affects the price.

  • Adding Privacy Protection: Opting for privacy features can change the cost.

  • Using a Domain Voucher: If you have a voucher, this can lower the price.

  • Local Tax or VAT: Depending on where you live, taxes or VAT might apply.


What should I do if i'm experiencing issues with my bank's authentication process?

If you're having trouble with your bank's authentication process after trying to make a purchase, here's what to do:

  • Reach Out to Your Bank: Directly contact your bank. They can assist you with any issues you're having during the identity verification process.

  • Understand Strong Customer Authentication (SCA): This is a security step that many banks use for online purchases. It's designed to protect your financial information and prevent unauthorized transactions. SCA might involve steps like entering a password, responding to a text message, or using fingerprint recognition.

If this is a new process for you, it might be useful to learn more about SCA. This knowledge will help you understand why your bank is asking for this extra step and how it keeps your transactions safe. You can find more information about SCA requirements on your bank's website or by speaking with their customer service team.

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