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How to Hire a Wix Professional?

Looking for someone to build or improve your website? Choose a Wix Expert that matches your taste and how much you want to spend. Wix Experts are skilled freelancers and companies, and you can find them in the Wix Marketplace. You have two choices: either tell us about your project and we'll connect you with the right Wix Expert, or you can look for someone yourself who fits what you need and how much you want to pay.

Tell me more about the services offered by Wix Professionals

Wix Experts in their online marketplace can help you with a range of services:

  1. Web Design: Want your Wix website to look just right? Hire a web designer to tailor it to your vision.

  1. Small Tasks: Need specific small tasks done on your site? Things like linking a domain, setting up a business email, adding apps, and more can be handled by these experts.

  1. Online Store: Planning to sell products online? Get an expert to build your online store, including setting up product displays and shipping options.

  1. Web Development: For more complex needs like adding special features, advanced web applications, or custom options for your store, you can hire a Velo web developer.

  1. Marketing & Promotion: Increase your website's visibility, start email marketing campaigns, and improve your Google search rankings with the help of a marketing specialist.

  1. Graphic Design: Boost your brand's look with professional graphic design. Get a unique logo, and create a visual style for your business with the help of a graphic designer.


Before you decide to work with a Wix Expert, it's important to agree on a price and how you'll pay that suits both of you. The cost and details of your agreement are something you and the Wix Expert need to decide together. Remember, Wix doesn't step in if there are any disagreements between Experts and their clients. Make sure to read the Wix Marketplace Terms of Service for more information.

In this article, discover how to:

  • Find the Perfect Wix Expert for Your Needs

  • Look for a Wix Expert and Their Services in the Wix Marketplace

Getting matched with a Wix Professional

Let Wix help you find the right professional for your needs. Just tell us about your project by answering a few quick questions. We'll look at your request and connect you with the best-suited experts.

You'll get a response from an expert within one business day. You can then talk about your project and the cost to see if they're the right fit for you.

Here's how to ask for an expert:

  1. Log into your Wix account.

  2. Visit your projects page on the Wix Marketplace.

  3. Click "New Project" at the top right and choose "Find me a professional".

  4. Select what you need help with and click "Next".

  5. Fill in the rest of your project details.

  6. Enter your contact information and hit "Submit".

Searching for a Wix Professional and services

Submitting a project request? 

Discover how to keep track of and manage the project requests you've sent out.

Searching for a Wix Professional and services

Looking for a Wix Expert? In the Wix Marketplace, you can search based on the type of service, price, location, and language to find the perfect match for your needs. Take a look at their profiles to see their past projects and learn more about each expert. You can directly contact them with your project details and ask for a quote.

Usually, the expert will get back to you within one business day. You can then discuss your project and the cost to see if you want to work with them.

Here’s how to look for a professional:

  1. Log into your Wix account.

  2. Go to the projects page in the Wix Marketplace.

  3. Click "New Project" at the top right and choose "Explore professionals".

  4. Start looking for the Wix Professionals and services you need.

  5. (Optional) Adjust the filters to refine your search.

Searching for a Wix Professional and services

  1. Click on a Wix Professional to view their profile.

  2. Click “Contact” under their profile picture.

  3. Enter your project details and your contact information, then click "Submit".


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