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How to Automate Your Business & Sales

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

There are many different ways to begin automating a business or sales team. When first looking into the feat and the best way to go about doing so, software is often thrown into the mix.

Although automation software can do a lot for your business, finding the right person to run these automations is key. Automation often ties together all ends of a business from accounting to sales; because of this, your automation expert needs to understand the goals that are set, and develop a clear plan to achieve them while using the right, cost-effective tools.

Automating your Business

To begin automating any business, you first must define the goals of automaton. As bill gates once said

“Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates

The idea is that automation does not solve problems with the business, instead, it is designed to perfect those tasks in shorter period of time while ultimately cutting costs. The tools used are designed to speed up processes while decreasing flaws or errors. They are also designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the tasks that would regularly be performed by a human.

After defining the tasks, you're looking to automate, next is finding the right tools for the job. At this point, many business owners begin to scramble. Many times owners will land at massive companies such as Salesforce or Hubspot that charge astronomical rates just for you to use their software before even setting anything up.

Another option can be to hire an Automation expert that is familiar with lots of programs that can be beneficial to your business. Most of the time a true automation expert will be able to find tools that will integrate with your current setup. If that's not available, then other tools will be offered, and most of the time, they will yield better results.

If you're looking to automate your business on your own, we recommend checking out the Appsumo Marketplace for all kinds of tools for entrepreneurs. Most of the time you can find lifetime deals that will save you money. The problem with going this route is the massive learning curve that comes with the kinds of software.

You also have to make sure that the software you choose can actually do exactly what you need at a cost-effective rate for you and the business.

Automating your Sales or Sales Team

As automation within businesses grow, perhaps one of the fastest, easiest and cost-effective way to bring automation into your life is through sales.

Many of the tools available today are designed for sales and outreach for lead generation. This is because developers of these tools want to prove their benefit while providing real results for their users.

A great way to begin automating your sales team is through powerful emailing automation services such as Encahrge. Encharge allows you to send bulk emails with custom names and information depending on the contacts and their tags within Encharge. To get started just upload a list of contacts from your CRM (customer relations manager) create different lists and filters and get to sending.

Another great way to begin automating your sales or sales team is through landing pages. These are highly specific pages designed for one thing, sales. Landing pages come in all different formats and can be designed for users to complete different tasks, such as booking a meeting or buying your product.

You can even integrate tools like Encharge into your landing page so once someone enters their information, your page will automatically send them an email welcoming them to your site.

Things To Watch Out For When Automating

Because there are so many different tools available with lots of different functionality its often hard to connect these tools to make them function as a whole unit passing information from one area to another, say from sales to accounting after purchase from your landing page.

A great tool to help with connecting and integrating is Zapier. Zapier is designed to connect just about anything but this too also has a large learning curve and requires lots of testing to make sure that automations actually are completed properly while sending and receiving the right information.

If you have any questions or would like to talk with an automation expert, feel free to send us a text or even book a quick meeting to learn more!


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