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How to add business emails in Gmail, for free!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

To add business emails for free within the Google platform, you must have a domain within Google. You can either transfer or purchase a Google Domain HERE

After creating your Google domain, head to the Google Domain Dashboard and make sure everything is setup properly. If you don't have a Google Domain contact us and we will help you transfer everything over.

On your Domain Dashboard you should see something like this.

Next, you will need to navigate to the Email tab on the left panel. Follow the directions to add an email alias on the page.

Click "Add Email Alias"

Make sure to add just the beginning of the email, the ending, in this example is already added for you.

In the "existing recipient email" add your current Gmail account information. All of the email sent to the Alias will be shown in the inbox of the Existing Recipient Email.

Finally, to link your new alias to your current email you must login to your gmail account and click on settings in the top left.

Then click on "see all settings"

You should see something like this:

Next click on the "accounts and import" tab on the top bar

On this page you will see a section labeled "Send email As" from there click the blue "as another email address" button.

A yellow box will popup with the information needed to input the new data.

Type the name you would like the alias to appear as, for example: Johnny Appleseed

Next, in the Email Address field, type the new email you created, for example

Click Next Step

On the next page, choose send through Gmail, then choose next step:

On the next page, click "send verification"

Upon competition, you will receive a notification in your inbox with a code.

Copy the code and paste it into the box, or click the link within the email to verify directly and your all set!

If you have any trouble, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help you setup your Free Business Gmail Alias.


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