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100% Verified

B2B and B2C Lead Lists
for Sale

Looking for high-quality leads that can turn into customers? We offer a unique service sourcing some of the best, highest quality leads for your business using hundreds of filters and Ai bots to find the right people for you to target.


Verified Leads


Accurate Information

B2B business lead list for sale

Get in front of those who can benefit from your business.

At Slaterock, we use our own lead lists to find potential clients that can benefit from our services. We then use numerous tactics to get in front and stay in front of our leads. 

We take a demand generation approach by indirectly staying in front and informing our clients about our services. 

Our Lead Lists

We use unique software and tactics to verify and filter our leads to get as much information as we can with each lead. The contact generally has multiple fields with multiple touch points such as emails, phone numbers, social media accounts, and websites.

  • Have at least one email and social media account

  • Display the contact's full name and current position

  • Previous work and interests

  • Location information such as place of work

Our Leads

Are typically in the form of a personal contact or business. The type of contact depends on how much information we can collect . Our leads can be filtered using hundreds of filters to narrow down exactly who you are looking to speak to within a company.


What to do with our Leads

Typically the leads are cold and have never heard of your business before. We have found a few simply tactics to best reach out to your new leads that will help warm them, and get them familiar with your services. 

Use Email Marketing

With your newely verified emails, one of the best ways to warm your new leads is by sending an introduction email that explains who you are and why you're reaching out. It's okay if you don't get a response, in fact your probably not going to get a response. This is just the first of many touchpoints that are ahead!

Use Social Media

Another great tool at our disposal is social media. With our lead lists you will be provided with at least the LinkedIn account of the potential lead. This is a great way to get in front of this lead because you can connect with them directly. Once connected you can also send them messages for free (without a LinkedIn premium account) 

Visit Your Lead Directly

Depending on the kind of business you run and if you're local to the lead, you can try visiting them directly! With our lead lists, you will be provided with at least one address that you can try to visit to see your new lead directly.

Lead List Pricing

We have a simple yet easy to understand lead list pricing that is designed to help you acquire leads quickly and accurately

Our Lead List Pricing



Per Verified Lead

We currently charge .50 (fifty cents) per lead on a lead list. The number of leads that we can provide depends on the number of filters you apply. The more filters you apply, the fewer leads we will be able to provide. The fewer filters and more general your request, the more leads we can supply to you for your business.  

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