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Unleash The Power of Email Outreach to Boost Your Website Traffic

Updated: May 4, 2022

The art of email outreach is something that most people struggle with at some point. Although online business owners understand the importance of getting their content seen, they aren't always successful in turning visits into sales. This is where email outreach comes in. It allows marketers to boost their business by capitalizing on existing traffic and highlighting products or services that their audience would actually be interested in.

Creating informative entertainment that drive website traffic with Slaterock Automation

What is email outreach?

Email outreach is the act of reaching out to existing customers or interested customers that have previously submitted their email addresses in order to get in front of potential customers. This tactic is often used to keep existing customers interested in the company, remind them of sales or special offers, or inform them of new products or services.

Lead generation cold emails are the number one source of email outreach, also known as outreach email marketing. These emails are designed to target and inspire users to engage with your business online, which could mean visiting your blog, purchasing your products, or signing up for a virtual event. This type of email is especially valuable because it's designed to build an online relationship that can lead to more sales and customers.

Sneak Peak on How to start an outreach email Campaign

To start an outreach email, you'll need to create an email account and choose your target audience. You'll then need to determine a message or story that will resonate with them. You can then brainstorm how you can share this story. For example, if your brand is about world peace, maybe you could create a campaign around sending care packages to troops in the Middle East or making a donation to a humanitarian organization.

creating an email template with your team | Slaterock Automation

Building your Email Campaign

Once you have your idea, go ahead and start building your email with the content that you'll need. You'll want to use bullet points, numbered lists, and images to break up the text. By doing so, you will be creating separation between your points, making it easier for that reader to understand.

Creating a Captive Email Layout

Today, no one wants to look at a page simply full of words without any headlines, Title tags, or images. It makes them feel as if the page is lacking in some way, and they'll simply leave to find something else with more information with a better layout that's easier to understand.

The Two Types of Email's

Today, there are mainly two types of emails available for use. They are known as simple text emails and HTML emails.

Simple text emails are well, in the name. They are composed of just text that generally defaults to the size and font used on the end-users machine. These are great because they are easily recognized within Google and generally avoid the spam or promotion inbox altogether.

HTML emails are the custom emails we often see in our promotions tab; these types of emails are full of images, videos, and moving components designed to catch your eye and spark interest in a product or service. These emails are typically used to promote sales or new releases of the business, but unfortunately, they often wind up in the users' promotions inbox.

There are many different ways to spark interest with an email campaign, and one of the best things you can do is provide value to that user. But, how do you provide value to someone?

Here are a few ideas.

  • An ebook or quality resource

  • Provide access to a tool or backlink profile

  • Share a "boost traffic template."

Many of these options should target your ideal customer and should be personalized using dynamic data. This will ensure your emails are opened and thoroughly read thoroughly while helping you identify outreach prospects. These options will also give you insight into how people are interacting with your emails and help you optimize your email marketing efforts in the future.

Of course, there are some tried-and-true best practices that should be considered as well:

Make sure that you're using an email marketing service provider that allows you to send emails via SMTP (Secure Messaging Transport Protocol). You can usually find this information easily through their website or email builder, but you will better your chances of ending up in the spam folder by doing so.

A Best-Practice Guide to Sending Emails That Convert

When it comes to email marketing, there are a few best practices that you should always keep in mind when it comes to email marketing. First, make sure your emails are well-written and easy to read. It would be best if you also focused on including clear and concise calls to action and using attractive visuals to capture the reader's attention. Additionally, it's essential to personalize your messages as much as possible to increase your chances of conversion. This means tailoring your content to the user's behavior and interests. For example, in the case of Facebook ads, you can use their automated targeting feature to reach users based on their previous visits to your Facebook Page, interests, demographics, etc.

Slaterock Email Campaign for Project Greenland

One of the best ways to do this using emails is by creating a drip campaign. Drip campaigns are designed to develop a relationship with the user over time. Using specific software, we at Slaterock Automation develop extensive automated email campaigns that are used to develop a relationship and qualify your business's prospects.

Our software implementations allow AI to determine the best people to reach out to before actually contacting them. This is all done through email drip campaigns!

Stop wasting your time having your sales team interact with those that will just never convert to an actual sale.

Determine a Writing Style

In many cases, your business is a separate entity from yourself; use this to your advantage and speak from the standpoint your customers want to hear. This is the time to use your creative style to develop content you would actually want to read. Too often, companies are focused on developing professional content that is not interesting, especially to those viewing it in their free time.

We have to separate content that is great from "research" to content that is great for entertainment and information. Many times the things we produce will be viewed outside of work hours or on a short break in the middle of the day. At this point, many people would rather view something entertaining and informative than read a research report. That's why infographics have become so popular.

It's always a good idea to start with an infographic that has already achieved some level of popularity online. This will help boost its credibility and increase the chances that people will actually share it with others.

Use High-Quality Infographic or Impressive Custom Design

If you're looking to create an impact with your content, using infographics or a custom design can be the way to go. Infographics are so important because they help break down complex information into easy-to-understand visuals. This makes them perfect for sharing on email campaigns, where people are more likely to skim than to read an entire article. Custom designs, on the other hand, can really help you stand out from the competition. Your email will be unique and tailored to your audience. This type of design is a must for HTML emails, as it's an important marketing tool that helps you sell your products faster.

Slaterock Automation Infographic from an email campaign

It can also help with your search engine optimization (SEO), as your page's design will be consistent with your brand image and easily recognized within the user's inbox. However, these customized designs require more time and effort to create, and the price or time dedicated to creating their difference can be significant.

Review your Email Campaign Analytics; it's Eye-Opening.

Email campaign analytics can be eye-opening, as they provide detailed information about how your campaign is performing. For example, did you know that email marketing analytics can help you determine if your subject lines are effective?

Email marketing is all about customization and personalization. You don't want to blast the same email out to thousands of customers. Instead, segment your audience based on their purchasing behavior. This can easily be done using some of the drip campaigns mentioned before.

When monitoring these campaigns, you can see where users fall off or typically lose contact with you and your business. From there, it's time to determine why.

  • Were you using keywords that inspire action?

  • Was there a clear call to action?

  • Was there an error or broken link within your campaign?

These are all potential reasons you may lose a prospect in your drip campaign. It's important to monitor these metrics and data points so you can act quickly with minimal interruption to your campaign.

Email marketing is a very affordable way to get your business in front of new customers. It also provides you with valuable analytics that can help guide your future email marketing campaigns. To get started, check out the link below!

Looking for other ways to boost your website traffic? Check out our article about getting more traffic to your website. Our team breaks down the best ways to jump-start your website with both paid and organic tactics!


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