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Simplest Way How to Create a Wix Branded App for Android and iOS

What is Wix App Builder?

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1. Overview of Wix App Builder

The Wix App Builder is a drag-and-drop platform that allows you to create custom mobile applications running for both IOS and Android for your Wix website without any coding knowledge required. With features like contact forms, social media integration, and push notifications, you can tailor your app to your brand and provide additional functionality for your customers.

The Wix Branded App tool allows easy customization of your app's layout, logo, and color scheme to match your website. And with native IOS and Android app technology, your app will run faster and be more secure than a web-based one.

2. Pros of using Wix App Builder

The major advantage of using Wix App Builder is that it saves time and resources. The app updates simultaneously with your website, eliminating the need for separate updates. Additionally, the app is designed specifically for the device, whether it is an IOS or Android, it's being used on, making it faster, offline-capable, and more secure than a web-based app.

What are the benefits of creating a branded app using Wix App Builder?

Wix Branded App displayed on a Mobile device

1. Easily create a professional-looking app

With the help of intuitive drag-and-drop tools and customizable templates, users can fully customize the design of their app, including the layout, logo, and color schemes. The major draw of the Wix App Builder is that it is native, which means that the app runs faster than a web app, can work offline, and is much more secure.

2. Increase brand awareness

Notifications from the Wix Branded app can be used as a marketing tool to promote products or services, further increasing brand recognition and customer engagement. A branded app can enhance brand loyalty and retention, increasing sales and a stronger business presence.

3. Offer a better user experience

Offer a better user experience by providing access to built-in features like stores, bookings, forums, and more, all tailored to your business's and customers' specific needs. With Wix's marketing and business solutions, you can offer a seamless digital experience between your website and app.

4. Reach a wider audience

The Wix Branded App also allows businesses to send unlimited push notifications to grab customers' attention and keep them coming back. With a mobile-first world, businesses that own mobile apps see an increase of 162% in total sales and 5x more services booked.

5. Increase customer loyalty

With your own Wix Branded App, you can offer exclusive deals, personalized content, and easy access to customer support, which can increase engagement and retention rates.

6. Increase sales

With 67% of all eCommerce sales happening on mobile, having your mobile app can give you an edge over your competition and help you engage with your customers anytime, anywhere. According to Wix data, businesses that own mobile apps see an increase of 162% in total sales and 5x more services booked.

With built-in features like stores, bookings, forums, and more, you can deliver the best user experience and keep customers coming back for more.

7. Improve customer satisfaction

Some features that can be included in the app to enhance the customer experience are push notifications for promotions, personalized recommendations based on browsing history, and a loyalty program that rewards customers for their purchases.

Additionally, customers can easily make appointments, track their orders, and receive real-time updates through the app.

8. Save time on app development

Creating a branded app using Wix App Builder can save time on app development by eliminating the need to write a single line of code. With Wix App Builder, users can build a native app for both iOS and Android that seamlessly integrates with their existing Wix site. The app updates simultaneously with the website, and businesses that release their mobile app see an average increase of 162% in transactions per site.

9. Access advanced technology tools

Wix App Builder offers a range of advanced technology tools to help create a branded app that enhances businesses. The platform provides built-in features like stores, bookings, forums, and more. With the latest release, Wix users can now create simple applications that inform, sell, and notify app users about their business.

Wix's App Builder utilizes artificial intelligence, transforming the audiobook industry.

10. Save money on app development

Creating a branded app with Wix App Builder can save businesses money on app development by eliminating the need for complex coding and expensive third-party development sources.

How to create an Android and iOS app using Wix App Builder?

  1. Choose a theme for your app

  2. Edit your layout and content using the Wix Owner app

  3. Connect Apple and Google Developer accounts

  4. Get your app live in the app stores

  5. Promote your Wix app

  6. Set up notifications

Laptop with Android Studio opened testing a Wix app

Hiring a Wix Expert for your Wix Branded App. Trust only a Certified Wix Partner

Hiring a Wix expert from a Certified Wix Partner agency for your Wix Branded app can offer several benefits. As a certified Wix Partner, they can help you set up your Branded app and provide you with the current promotion. They can even build the app, saving you time and effort.

Wix Partner Badge of Slaterock Automation

Additionally, a Wix expert can ensure that your app is seamlessly integrated with your website, providing visitors with a consistent digital experience. Their expertise can also help you customize the app's layout, look, and feel to create a fully branded experience for your consumers.

Consider hiring us at Slaterock Automation, a Certified Wix Partner and Expert. We can help you build your Wix Branded App and take advantage of the benefits it offers. We can help you improve and strengthen your brand by building loyalty, convenience, value, and accessibility among your users. Click the button below to book a 10-min no-commitment, free meeting with Slaterock Automation Founder William Mingione.


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