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Our Management Services Include:

Functional Web design

We create functional works of art that work for your business and not the other way around. We know that the web design process is difficult and frustrating, our AI-powered, software assists us in creating a beautiful website that's perfect for conversion.


Want to keep your site ranking? Our SEO package will help you get started. It includes basic SEO measures like meta tags and descriptions, and visitor tracking to help you understand what your visitors want. This is a great way to give your site a boost and start learning how to rank it for the keywords that matter.

Business Automation

Get your customers to convert without having to spend hours on outreach. Automated Outreach is the smartest email/text campaign automation software in the market. Get rid of all human interactions with your customer and cement relationships with our AI-based software. 

Digital Marketing Management

With Slaterock Automation

Need help managing the digital side of your business? We work with all types of small and medium-sized businesses to help grow their online presence through:

  • Web Design

  • Search Engine Optimization 

  • Business Automation - sales, outreach, data

  • & More


Slaterock Automation's rank tracking software

Slaterock Automation will monitor and track your business's Keywords and Phrases along with your competitors to ensure your business gets, or stay at the top of search results. 

Slaterock implements this using sophisticated artificial intelligence rank tracking to notify and predict the moves of your website's ranking. 

Website Activity

slaterock automation designs

Social Engagement

slaterock automation custom designs
Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 13.30.35 PM.png

Traffic Overtime

Tracking Everything.

Tracking all the data you can for your business is crucial in today's digital marketing world. The more data you can collect, the more information you know about your customers.

As we begin to build a bigger and stronger customer profile, our team can better position your business for your typical customer. They may actually be different from your target market, but you would know until we start collecting the data!

Website activity, social media engagement, and traffic over time is just the beginning. At Slaterock we also track:

Who is visiting your website

Recordings of website visitors

Heatmaps of popular buttons

Search results rankings

Event attendance & More

Function Web Design Projects

Rejuvi Venture trusted by Slaterock Automation
Corpus Christi Police Foundation trusted by Slaterock Automation
Revonary tax Accountants trusted by Slaterock Automation
Dr. jen Caudle trusted by Slaterock Automation
UX Wealth partners trusted by Slaterock Automation

What is Social Automation?

Social automation is the practice of automating engagement with potential customers on social media platforms. 

What is SEO?

SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) in short, is the practice of improving your website's ranking within the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). This means when you search for something, say a restaurant area, typically the restaurant that has put the most into their SEO will rank first for that search.

What is functional web design? 

Functional web design, a term coined by Slaterock's Founder William Mingione is the idea and practice that websites are meant to serve as a tool for your business. Creating a website that looks really cool and has lots of moving parts and features generally doesn't convert well. 

Slaterock works to bridge the gap between amazing design and superior functionality through its Functional Web Design Practice

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Slaterock's Pricing Plans

Looking for a Custom Plan?

Website owners face a lot of problems when it comes to running their business online. The internet is a very competitive market and in order to stay in the game, you need a website that performs well and is accessible from anywhere. That's where we come in! We offer custom solutions for all your website needs. 

Our team of experienced web developers, designers, and marketing professionals can help you create a website to achieve your goals, whether it's selling products online, increasing traffic, or establishing an online presence.

Custom+ Plan

Starting at



Each Month

Customize a Plan that Works For Your Business

Customize your support, consulting, design, SEO, and more. Contact us for a free consultation where we will dive into your business to determine the best plan for you.

Let's Get to Work

Need help optimizing your website for search results? 

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