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How to Add Multiple Domains to One Wix Website?

Updated: Apr 5

You can link as many domains as you want to your Wix website. These can be domains you got from Wix or up to 6 names you bought from other places. Think of one main domain as your website's main address that people can type to find your site. If you add other names, they will simply guide people to your main website address.


  • Before you can link a domain name you bought from another place to your Wix site, you need to add that name to your account. Only then can you follow these steps.

  • Also, you can only use a custom domain name with Wix sites with a paid (Premium) plan. If you try to use a custom name with a site that doesn't have this plan, Wix will ask if you want to upgrade your site to Premium or move a Premium plan from another one of your sites to this one so you can use the custom name.

To link another website name to your Wix website, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Domains" section in your account.

  2. Then, choose to link that domain name to your site.

I want to assign a domain that is not currently assigned to a site

  1. Find the option "Not Assigned to a Site" and click "Assign" next to it.

Wix - I want to assign a domain that is not currently assigned to a site

  1. Choose which website you want to connect it to and then click "Next."

Note: If the website is already linked to a different website name, you'll have two choices:

  • Redirect to the main website name: This means your website name will lead to the website's main name that's already in use.

  • Swap out the main website name: This will link your new website name to the site and remove the old one.

  1. Finally, click "Assign" to finish the process.

I want to assign a domain that is currently assigned to a different site

To link a website name to a different Wix website, here's a simple guide:

  1. Click on the "Show More" icon (it looks like three dots or an arrow) next to the website name you want to change and choose "Assign to a Different Site" from the menu.

Wix - I want to assign a domain that is currently assigned to a different site

  1. Pick the new website you want to link it to and click "Next."

Note: If the new website already has a different website name linked to it, you'll need to decide:

  • Redirect to the main website name: This makes your website name point to the already linked main website name.

  • Swap the main website name: This connects your website name to the site and removes its current linked website name.

4. Click "Assign" to complete the setup. Give it 24 hours to fully work.

Just so you know, for the first day after you set things up, your website can be visited using both the main website name and the one you've just redirected. After a day, when you type in the website name you redirected, your web browser will automatically show your main website name in the address bar.

A little tip about Google Analytics:

You only need to put your tracking code on your main website name if you're using Google Analytics to understand your visitors better. There's more info on how to use Google Analytics with your Wix website if you need it.


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