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Small Business Digital Marketing & SEO Management

✔️ Get More Website Traffic

✔️ Improve Your Website Rankings

✔️ Target Your Potential Customers

✔️ Generate More Leads & Sales

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Trusted by 100+ Accounts actively growing their brand awareness and increasing engagement using social automation with Slaterock


What's Included in Our Digital Marketing Packages?

Our Small Business Digital marketing packages are designed specifically for small businesses looking to grow their online presence organically. Organic growth is the best way to build trust with your target audience and grow a following both on social media and in organic search results.

And More!

SEO-focused Content Marketing + Social Media Management

Gone are the days of hiring multiple agencies or creatives to run your business's online marketing. 

Our team is here to manage your business from website content to social media content. 

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Target Your Ideal Customers Via Email Marketing

Instead of waiting for your clients to contact you, get in front of them directly with valuable information.

Email marketing allows for targeted and personalized communication, can be easily tracked and measured, and has a high ROI. It also helps in building relationships with customers, improving engagement and retention, and staying ahead of the competition.

Small Business Digital Marketing Pricing

Our small business pricing is here to offer business owners a unique opportunity to increase their online presence and generate new leads and scales, at an affordable price. Our services are structured in a way that allows us to use an award-winning process that scales across industry and business size.