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How to Purchase a Domain from Wix?

A domain name is a human-readable address used to access websites on the internet. It is a string of characters that usually corresponds to a set of numbers known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is the underlying identifier for devices on the Internet. Since IP addresses are not easy for people to remember, domain names were developed to allow the use of simple words and phrases instead.

Your Wix website also has a domain. However, only Wix Premium plans will allow you to pick an available domain of your choice. If you purchase a Wix Premium, you will get a free domain voucher that can be used with your new Wix Premium plan.

Here's why a domain name is important for your Wix website:

  1. Branding: A domain name is a critical part of a brand's identity. A good domain name that aligns with your brand can reinforce your brand, make it easy for customers to remember your site, and return more often.

  2. Credibility: Having your own domain name makes your business look professional. If you publish your site through a free web hosting site, your URL will be something like, which can be perceived as less professional than

  3. Visibility: Domain names improve online presence and make it easier for potential customers to find you. They are essential for search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

  4. Mobility: Owning your domain name allows you to move your web presence to any web host or platform you choose, and your domain name can come with you, ensuring that customers can still find you.

  5. Marketing: A domain name that is short, memorable, and relevant to your business or industry can greatly aid in your marketing efforts, helping customers and search engines easily identify what you do.

  6. Email Addresses: Having a domain allows you to have a custom email address (e.g.,, which helps build your professional image and boosts trust in your communications.

  7. Protecting Intellectual Property: Registering your domain name helps protect your brand from being used by others, securing your online identity.

  8. Communication: A domain name aligned with your brand can facilitate communication by being more recognizable and easier to share through word of mouth or via digital means.

For these reasons, choosing the right domain name is seen as a fundamental step in creating an effective online presence for any website or online service.

To purchase a domain:

  1. Navigate to the Domains page of your Wix Website.

  2. Choose the option: Buy a Domain.

  3. Type in your desired domain name along with its extension into the provided search bar, then start the search by clicking the Search button.

  4. If your selected domain is not already taken, click Get It to get it directly from Wix.

  5. Hint: If your first choice is unavailable, go back to step 2 to try another domain names or extensions.

  6. Decide on the duration of the domain registration and proceed by selecting Continue.

  7. Fill in (or update) your personal contact details, then move forward by clicking Continue.

  8. Note: For individuals in the European Union, GDPR rules mean that personal information is not publicly displayed in WHOIS directories. However, such information might be disclosed to entities with a legitimate reason, as assessed by the domain registrar.

  9. Choose your preferred level of Privacy Protection:

  10. Full Privacy Protection ensures your contact information is not displayed in public WHOIS databases. This protection can be toggled on or off at your discretion. Opting for this level of privacy will shield all your personal details from public WHOIS.

  11. Basic Privacy Protection masks your phone number and email with generic contact information to prevent spam, while allowing the public to see your country, state/province, and organization. You can switch from basic to full protection only by manually renewing your domain.

  12. Click the Continue button.

  13. Finish the transaction by selecting your payment method and clicking on Complete Purchase.

How to Purchase a Domain from Wix?

Wix domain pricing

After you choose a domain for your website (by selecting "Get It" in step 4), the available registration terms will be displayed, varying from one to three years.

The price for a domain through Wix can vary based on several elements, such as:

  • The type of domain extension

  • Your local currency

  • The number of years selected

  • Adding privacy protection

  • The use of a domain voucher

  • Your local tax or VAT laws

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