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Breadcrumb Navigation: Enhance User Experience & SEO with Clear Path


Breadcrumb navigation is a helpful tool that shows the path or route a person has taken on a website. It is usually displayed at the top of a webpage and looks like a series of clickable links. Each link represents a page or category that the person has visited. Breadcrumb navigation helps users understand where they are on a website and how they got there.


Breadcrumb navigation is important because it enhances the user experience on a website. It helps users easily navigate through different pages and categories, making it easier for them to find the information they need. Breadcrumb navigation also improves the overall organization and structure of a website, making it more user-friendly. Additionally, breadcrumb navigation can improve search engine optimization (SEO) by providing clear paths for search engines to follow and understand the website's structure.

Sample Usage

Let's say you are on a website that sells clothes. You start by clicking on the "Men's Clothing" category. Then, you click on "Shirts" and finally on "T-Shirts." At the top of the webpage, you will see a breadcrumb navigation that looks like this: Home > Men's Clothing > Shirts > T-Shirts. This breadcrumb navigation shows you the path you have taken and allows you to easily go back to any of the previous pages by clicking on the links. It helps you keep track of where you are on the website and find your way around.

Related Terms

There are a few related terms that you might come across when learning about breadcrumb navigation. One of them is "path." Path refers to the sequence of pages or categories that a person has visited on a website. Breadcrumb navigation displays this path in a clear and organized way. Another related term is "user experience" or UX. User experience refers to how easy and enjoyable it is for a person to use a website. Breadcrumb navigation is one of the elements that can improve the user experience by making navigation simpler and more intuitive.

Breadcrumb Navigation

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