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Additional Service Explanations

  • Advanced Monthly Reports & Insights - Slaterock will provide written and or video reports each month with updates regarding metrics and ideas moving forward based on the data that is tracked. 

  • Ongoing Web Design - Each Month, Slaterock will update and or create up to two pages on the website. Any additional work that falls outside the scope of work in this package will be billed separately on an hourly basis. 

  • Ongoing SEO Optimization - Slaterock will continue to monitor the rankings of WX Wealth and track the keywords and phrases we are currently using. Slaterock will update any keywords necessary depending on trends in the market or trends in search terms to better align with what’s actually being searched.

  • Content Writing designed for SEO with the use of outlines - Slaterock will use A.I. to scan the web for the keywords and phrases we are looking to target and provide content writing outlines and key points for upcoming blog posts.

  • Ongoing Email Campaigns & Additional Automations - Slaterock will work with you to strategize, implement, and optimize all email campaigns, including newsletters, blog posts, and automated welcome emails. When implementing new automations, Slaterock will provide information on why specific automations can be helpful and how we can customize those automations to engage more visitors. 

  • Ad Setup and Optimization: Slaterock will create an ad based on the campaign proposed or created and run on the selected targeted platform using AI to optimize the ad over time for the best engagement results.


  • Analytics and Datasheets Dashboard: Slaterock will build a customized dashboard accessible by all to view and track the specific metrics that best interest the business.

  • Content Writing: Using AI to research the ranking pages for that specific piece of content, slaterock will create the outline (included in the plan) and actually complete the article’s writing using the data researched.

  • Social Automation Brand Ambassador: Slaterock will create specific accounts that are dedicated to talking about your business in the niche that includes the people you serve. 

  • Instagram Growth Automator: This tool allows Slaterock to safely grow your Instagram following using automation techniques designed to connect with people who share similar interests to your business. 

  • Business Application: Slaterock will create an application (downloadable from the App Store & Google Play Store) that directly connects and updates with your website content and posts.

  • Press Release: Slaterock will edit and publish your press release for the best SEO Gains with a guarantee that your release will be posted on at least 50 news resources.

  • Link Building Management: Slaterock will set up a custom link building plan to help your website build its domain authority.

  • J-son Files: Building J-Son files for your website is another excellent way to increase your Domain Authority and searchability. Providing Google with these particular files allows your business to quickly show up in Search Results with more direct information.

  • Landing Page (Google AMP): A landing page is a great place to drive specific traffic to, for example, running an ad, sending email campaigns, or social media bios. A Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) is a special type of page stored in Googles Services that allows lightning-fast loading speeds to provide information quickly to viewers.

  • Advanced Forms: Using 3rd party software, Slaterock can easily collect large amounts of information on potential leads quickly and in a super easy format. (you probably have seen it in our flows)

  • AI Writer: Slaterock will provide you with a sub-account on our AI writing tool for all sorts of digital marketing copy needs.

Free Resources (upon request)

  • Fully Licensed music for video/website use

  • Stock Image Database Access

  • Stock Video Database Access

  • Premium Resources & Courses 

  • 40+ Digital Marketing SOPs

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